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The cases for and against the U.S. Soccer Boys Development Academy

Discussing pros and cons of the U.S. Soccer Boys Development Academy.

Commentary Dec 20, 2019

Is pay-to-play made worse by the professionalization of youth soccer in the USA?

Our last two episodes of The Soccer Wire Podcast have taken a deep dive into the professionalization of youth soccer.

Commentary Dec 13, 2019

Are youth soccer buzzwords like ‘elite’ and ‘premier’ misleading parents?

Youth soccer is flooded so-called ‘elite’ and ‘premier’ level competition.

Commentary Nov 29, 2019

How relevant are US Youth Soccer State Cups after rise of ECNL and DA?

ECNL and DA have re-shaped the traditional State Cup landscape.

Commentary Nov 07, 2019

New data shows U.S. soccer players fail to develop weaker foot between U14 and college

New data from PlayerMaker shows that U.S. players are failing to develop their weaker foot.

Commentary Nov 07, 2019

New Technology Measuring Every Touch of Ball Could Change High School Soccer Forever

High school soccer – or any soccer for that matter - may never be the same again.

Commentary Nov 01, 2019

Should Development Academy players be allowed to play High School soccer?

Should U.S. Soccer get rid of its ban on high school soccer participation for DA players?

Commentary Oct 20, 2019
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Five rules youth soccer parents get wrong at every game

Parents all know they're not supposed to yell at referees, but despite the best intentions in the car on the way to the game, once the whistle blows, those plans can quickly go out the window. Knowing these five rules better should save you some embarrassment before your next game.

Commentary Jun 04, 2019

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