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Boehm: What’s the lay of the land in the US Soccer presidential election?

After months of posturing, arguing, sloganeering and various other forms of campaigning, we’ve at last reached the final week of the race to be the next president of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Commentary Feb 06, 2018
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Hummer: Addiction to GotSoccer stifling youth soccer progress

If you are involved in youth soccer and value team rankings in any way, you are an accomplice in killing the future of our game. For the sake of our children, I’m begging you to quit. Rankings are like an addiction, and in this case, GotSoccer is the drug.

Commentary Nov 07, 2017
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Hummer: U.S. World Cup miss makes best case yet for Promotion – Relegation need in Major League Soccer

If ever a case was made for finding a better way to teach American players how to compete with everything on the line no matter what level of opponent or circumstance, Tuesday night’s loss by the U.S. Men’s National Team to Trinidad and Tobago was it.

Commentary Oct 11, 2017

Seeing the Light: Coaches from other sports find value in recruiting soccer players

Longtime soccer coach and columnist Joe Dougherty explains why the physical and mental skills developed through soccer often help some of the world's best athletes in their pursuits of other sports. But don't worry about a sudden rush from the soccer pitch to the gridiron or basketball court. Ultimately, the fact that coaches from other sports make a point of recruiting soccer players is a complement to the Beautiful Game.

Commentary Sep 01, 2017

Dougherty: Doing the Right Thing in a World of the Professional Foul

There are certain moments in a youth soccer coach’s life when you can make a significant difference in a young person’s life, the kind of difference that the youngster will look back upon years later and realize it significantly affected her life. Unfortunately, coaches are not given a script in advance to know when that moment will arrive.

Commentary Jun 27, 2017
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Blank: NCAA recruiting dead period gives coaches much-needed break

Longtime University of Georgia women's soccer coach and best-selling author Dan Blank gives his take on the new women's soccer recruiting 'dead period' implemented by the NCAA, disallowing recruiting during the window of December 15 – January 5 on an annual basis going forward.

Commentary Jun 08, 2017

Dougherty: Bringing the Playground to Game Day

Arrive early at just about any U17 boys team practice, and you’ll see a handful of kids goofing off in front of the net, trying crazy bicycle kicks, bending shots from impossible angles, and juggling the ball with each other before attempting shots one would never see in a game. On Saturday, Mario Mandzukic of Italian Series A side Juventus netted one of those straight-from-the-training-ground goals -- and during the Champions League final, arguably the most important club game in the world. Mandzukic’s bicycle kick goal will certainly be considered one of the greatest in Champions League Final history, and deservedly so. It provides the combination of team chemistry and individual brilliance that are necessary for a goal to be given such an honor. The goal provides a number of lessons for young players and coaches.

Commentary Jun 08, 2017