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Our banner campaigns offer two sizes:

  1. Leaderboard (the one at the top of the page):
    728 pixels wide X 90 pixels tall
  2. Medium Rectangle (the one to the right)
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SoccerWire Banner Locations

The ad campaigns are priced based on:

  1. Total number of banner “impressions” you want us to show to our readers.
    (Minimum is 20,000. You can choose the length of time to run the campaign)
  2. Locations in the United States where you want us to display your impressions
    (It costs more to have us “target” the ads to a smaller geography)


20,000 – 80,000 Impressions
National Campaign = $10 per 1,000
5-49 States = $11 per 1,000
1-4 States = $12 per 1,000

100,000+ Impressions
National Campaign = $8 per 1,000
5-49 States = $9 per 1,000
1-4 States* = $10 per 1,000

*Subject to availability based on our actual web traffic in those states during the time length of your campaign.

If you want to include a Leaderboard Banner in our semi-weekly Email Newsletter, we count those as 20,000 impressions per issue and list you as the “Issue Sponsor”. The banner appears in two places on the issue. We send The SoccerWire Newsletter every Tuesday and Friday to over 125,000 subscribers. It has an average “open rate” of 14%.

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