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If you have news to share with us, you can submit the full text of your press release in the form below, or just use the same form to request our Editor’s email address. If your news is truly newsworthy, written professionally using proper “AP Style” or similar news standards, odds are we’ll post it with minor edits.

What’s “Truly Newsworthy” to us?

  1. It has to be related to soccer in the United States, with some sort of connection to the youth “scene”.
  2. Ideally, the news is not yet public. (“Breaking News” can be sent in advance with the terms “Embargoed until …..” in the subject or at the top of the message).
  3. It can be “round-ups” or “summaries” of a series of games at an event, like a major tournament, league playoffs, or an entire round of State Cup knock out stages.
  4. It can be individual, club-wide, or college team recruiting announcements.
  5. It must be originally written and you or your organization must have full rights and permissions to provide photos or the full names of any minors to the media for public consumption.
  6. It should not be about launching of a commercial product, event, services, etc… or otherwise full of “advertorial” or claims like “the best” or “biggest” or even “first” without attributing those claims to an individual in a quote, masquerading as a “story”. Nor should it be about individual games or match reports outside of 1st division professional games or national teams.
  7. If you’re not sure, just ask before taking the time write a release just for us, but we will review and consider every submission regardless.

If you need help writing your news, we have a great network of freelance writers who could be hired to help. Just ask.


If you’re a credible expert in a field related to youth soccer development or parenting issues or soccer business and politics, we’re always looking for Guest Writers. From coaching sessions, to nutrition, to opinion about U.S. Soccer’s latest head coaching hire, we’d love to review your offering and are happy to provide link backs to your blog or book website with your bio. If your post or posts prove popular enough, we may offer you a paid writing gig! Give us a shot!


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