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Use the form below to submit news tips, request an advertising quote or information, for any other reason.

If you have a tip or basic information on youth soccer club mergers, players going pro, major new hires, new and all the rest, please reach out. You can DM us on Twitter @TheSoccerWire or use the form below.

If you have official news to share with us, you can submit the full text of your press release in the form below and attach an image if you have rights to share. The closer your news release is to proper “AP Style” and the more “breaking” the news the more likely we’ll be to publish it.

Breaking news on your own website and then contacting the media (or posting on your website and social at the same time you contact the media) is not the best idea if you’re truly trying to get a “pop” of attention for something major. This is because today’s search engine and social media algorithms heavily favor information that’s new and posted on websites and social platforms with larger audiences. and our social platforms SCORE VERY HIGH on youth and college soccer related news in the USA, so letting us post new information even a few minutes before it appears anywhere else can have enormous amplifying effects, and that’s good for you! We always link back to original news sources too, so you get the web and social traffic you wanted, but having us link back to you can also increase your own SEO scores overall for future information sharing.

The process of coordinating public news release with media outlets is called “Embargoing” or sending only media outlets your “Embargoed” news instead of sending it out in public. Keeping your news private until you’re ready to go public is how all reputable news outlets and journalists work across all industries. Getting news early gives us all a chance ask questions if needed and pull together related information, all in order to be sure the news is as meaningful and complete as possible.

Using the form below, simply put the words “EMBARGOED UNTIL [Month, Day, Time]” in the opening line. This will alert our news desk that the information is not to be made public until that time. If you’re not sure exactly when you want to “go live”, you can simply include “EMBARGOED: Must be coordinated with us” and one of our editors will do so. Ideally, we’ll have at least 24 hours advanced notice, but at least 1 hour during normal business is an absolute minimum. The time you give us, the more opportunity we’ll have to discuss with you and be able to tell the best story to our readers and followers.

What’s a “Newsworthy” Press Release or Tip?

  1. It has to be related to soccer in the United States, with some sort of connection to the youth “scene” or college coaching and recruiting.
  2. Ideally, the news is not yet public. (see Embargoed news release process above).
  3. If a formal news release, it must be originally written and you or your organization must have full rights and permissions to provide photos or the full names of any minors to the media for public consumption.
  4. If you’re not sure if your information is newsworthy or your release written properly, just ask. We’d be happy to review provide feedback. Our Premier Partner programs do include up to 10 hours of PR/Communications consulting to support youth soccer organizations looking for the best way to tell their stories.

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