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Stack: With NCAA rule change, the Official Visit is relevant again

Last week, the NCAA approved new recruiting rules regarding official and unofficial visits for prospective student-athletes. Under those new rules, the “Official Visit” will become more important than ever as prospective student-athletes make their college decisions.

Commentary Apr 24, 2018

VDA to follow Loudoun to ECNL as youth soccer chess game rumbles on

As U.S. Soccer’s Girls Development Academy moves towards the conclusion of its first season of play, its incumbent competitor the Elite Clubs National League has adopted a tenaciously combative posture, determined to keep hold of its current members, win the chase for new ones and even peel off Girls DA member clubs where possible.

Commentary Mar 02, 2018

Reid: Before there was Briana Scurry, there was Kim Crabbe

Briana Scurry is a legend, a two time Olympic Gold Medalists (1996 and 2004), World Cup Champion (1999), and a recent National Hall of Fame inductee. But before there was Briana, there was Kim Crabbe.

Commentary Feb 15, 2018

Boehm: What’s the lay of the land in the US Soccer presidential election?

After months of posturing, arguing, sloganeering and various other forms of campaigning, we’ve at last reached the final week of the race to be the next president of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Commentary Feb 06, 2018