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America SCORES Soccer Coaches Summit providing free webinars with industry leaders

America SCORES is hosting a series of webinars this week.

Commentary Jun 02, 2020

Ten great books about soccer to read during COVID-19 and beyond

Top recommended soccer books from coaches and players.

Commentary Apr 28, 2020

Best soccer movies and documentaries to watch during COVID-19 and beyond

List of the best soccer related movies and documentaries to watch while at home.

Commentary Apr 13, 2020

OPINION: COVID-19 provides opportunity for U.S. Soccer to shut down Development Academy

COVID-19 has opened up an opportunity for U.S. Soccer to shutter the Development Academy.

Commentary Apr 11, 2020

The cases for and against the U.S. Soccer Boys Development Academy

Discussing pros and cons of the U.S. Soccer Boys Development Academy.

Commentary Dec 20, 2019

Is pay-to-play made worse by the professionalization of youth soccer in the USA?

Our last two episodes of The Soccer Wire Podcast have taken a deep dive into the professionalization of youth soccer.

Commentary Dec 13, 2019

Are youth soccer buzzwords like ‘elite’ and ‘premier’ misleading parents?

Youth soccer is flooded so-called ‘elite’ and ‘premier’ level competition.

Commentary Nov 29, 2019

How relevant are US Youth Soccer State Cups after rise of ECNL and DA?

ECNL and DA have re-shaped the traditional State Cup landscape.

Commentary Nov 07, 2019