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Players to Watch in the 2006 Girls age group, according to InStat scouts (Southwest Region)

Scouting and analytics platform InStat has provided SoccerWire with a list of players to watch from across the country, based on scouting reports for the 2006 Girls age group.

The list is not a ranking of the age group’s top players, but simply a sampling of some intriguing talent for the 2006 group spread throughout various regions and competing across various leagues. InStat scouts personally evaluated each member of the list and identified positive traits that they believe could be utilized well at the next level.

Each player’s scouting reports linked below are abbreviated for public view. Verified college coaches are invited to complete a brief survey in order to receive InStat’s full PDF with extended scouting reports on each player. For more information, Click Here.

See below for a look at InStat’s players to watch in the Southwest Region. Use the following links to view other regions: Midwest Region | Northeast Region | Southeast Region | West Region

Southwest Region

Brooklyn Escobar


Escobar consistently displays good positioning on the goal. She reads the game well and moves out of the goal when needed. If opponents send a through pass, she moves out to clear it or catch the ball if inside the box. In addition, she can move out fast to face the opponent in 1v1 situations.  In addition, she is able to start fast counters with a powerful hand pass.

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Lillian is a tall and strong defender who takes part in build-up. She can receive passes from the keeper or the other center back and start attacks by moving the ball to the flank or in between lines. After passing the ball, she provides support by moving near her teammate or to a spot where she can receive passes back and not being under pressure. In defense, she stands out for her aerial play and also for reading the game well.

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Hennessy Brown


Is able to play on the left flank and in the center. Uses both feet well, making tackles successfully. She can take set-pieces (right-footed), including direct shots from free-kicks. She dominates in the air and is a dangerous jumper during offensive and defensive set-pieces.

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Emma Gonzales


Gonzales is a powerfully built and athletic left-sided defender who can play as both a left-back and a left center-back. She has good technique and is comfortable with the ball at her feet. She can play a role as a ball-carrying center-back, bringing the ball into the middle third from the back. Although she is a left defender, she can also use her right foot.

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Kayten Donley


She able to play on the flank and in the center. Kayten is a tall and strong defending player. She always gives 100% in duels. In set pieces she is always the target and is dangerous in the air.

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Tabitha “Abbi” Sine

Defender Midfielder

Tabitha presents a versatile full-back that appears on the right side and actively gets involved in the plays on both sides. Most of her impact in the attack is done through crossing attempts (3.3 crosses per game) and medium/long ranged passes from deep areas. When acting on the side-switching pass (on the far-side of the action), she tries to create a breakthrough and rapidly exploits free space that she’s offered.

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Sarah Shelburne


Sarah is a tenacious defensive midfielder. Her main advantage is the effectiveness in duels, as she enters the challenges with strength and determination (23 duels per game, 67%). Defensively, she is very difficult to get dribbled, as she has long legs which helps her intercept the ball (10 recoveries per game). She prefers to mark her opponents tightly and not give them space (5.5 tack les per game, 74%). Her height also gives her an advantage in aerial duels (62%).

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Gabriela Bazan


Gabriela is a right defensive midfielder. She is quite strong physically, so she can win most of her duels, both in defense and in attack. On defense, Bazan is quite aggressive, she can recover a high number of balls during the match, being accurate in her duels – 14 challenges in defense per match, winning 70% of them. She is very good in positioning; she can cover free spaces intercepting the ball – 12 interceptions per match.

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Brianna Carrigan


Carrigan is an athletic central midfielder who also possesses the qualities of a box-to-box midfielder and moves all over the pitch. She is good on the ball and has a soft touch that helps her control the ball well with both feet. The midfielder has good vision and can play dangerous passes from deep, whether through balls or lobbed passes over the top.

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Juliette Rayo


Juliette is a dynamic player who stands out for her technique and reading of the game. She plays as a central midfielder, but can move to the side or reach the penalty box coming from deep. Rayo is fast and has a great dribbling, being a dangerous player with free spaces ahead.  Juliette is very dangerous in counter attacks, both in individual actions and sending passes into the free spaces. In addition, she can take direct free kicks with a great efficiency.

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Emily Chavez


Chavez is a midfielder who can play a variety of positions due to her versatility. In midfield, she usually alternates between center and right wing, but thanks to her ball playing ability and being two-footed, Chavez can also be used as a left-back. She has good dribbling skills (averaging 5.5 dribbles per game), which allow her to play 1-on-1 against direct opponents and also move around the inside and outside lanes.

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Emeri Adames

Midfielder Forward

A skillful player with a ball at feet. Frequently attacks half-spaces and combines well with teammates. Has good vision delivering a lot of passes into the box. She is threat in rapid combinations, while also conducting timely shifts into half-space zones. After pass ing the ball, she accelerates quickly. Key player, the team relies on her individual quality in 1v1 situations, especially in counter-attacks where she is one of their main players to carry the ball into final third.

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Sierra Padilla


Padilla is a rather technical left winger, who very often likes to attempt individual actions down the flank and can pose a threat on counters (8 dribbles per game, 67% won). She is able to play with both feet well and often beats opponents when running down the flank, as can use different solutions. Padilla can cut inside on right foot to reach shooting positions or make through passes behind opponent’s defense.

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Sadie Ozymy


Ozymy is a versatile midfielder who can play different positions in the midfield: she can either operate deeper as a holding or central midfielder or move a bit further forward and play as a wide midfielder on the left side. She has good vision for passing and is able to dictate the tempo of the game with simple non-active passes or try to play a penetrating pass to split the opponent’s defensive lines. She can also strike the ball well from distance with her right foot (averaging 2.4 attempts per game).

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Laila Nieto

Forward Midfielder

Laila is a quick attacking midfielder, who has also the ability to play as forward. She is a player with high technical ability and very good ball control. Her strong characteristic is dribbling efficiency (8 attempts per game, 72%). She also shows good vision to create opportunities for her teammates (1.17 key passes per game, 5 assists this season).

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