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Players to Watch in the 2006 Girls age group, according to InStat scouts (West Region)

Scouting and analytics platform InStat has provided SoccerWire with a list of players to watch from across the country, based on scouting reports for the 2006 Girls age group.

The list is not a ranking of the age group’s top players, but simply a sampling of some intriguing talent for the 2006 group spread throughout various regions and competing across various leagues. InStat scouts personally evaluated each member of the list and identified positive traits that they believe could be utilized well at the next level.

Each player’s scouting reports linked below are abbreviated for public view. Verified college coaches are invited to complete a brief survey in order to receive InStat’s full PDF with extended scouting reports on each player. For more information, Click Here.

See below for a look at InStat’s players to watch in the West Region. Use the following links to view other regions: Midwest Region | Southwest Region | Northeast Region | Southeast Region

West Region

Lucy Krumwiede


Lucy is a quick goalkeeper. She has the tendency to position herself outside the goalpost in order to function as a sweeper when long passes are performed by opponents (3.6 interceptions per game). She is quite effective in 1v1 situations against strikers, as she has good reflexes and quick thinking (0.43 super-saves per game).

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Emerson Ahsmuhs


Ahsmuhs is a tall and strong center-back. She is very tough and effective in tackling (3.7 tackles per game), as promptly steps up to attack opponents between lines – she doesn’t allow them to turn and penetrate in dangerous positions. Overall, the center-back is rather good in defending in 1vs1 situations and opponents have trouble beating her.

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Tatum is a quick right full back, who has also the ability to play as defensive midfielder if needed. She is an offensive-minded player, performing high on the pitch in the attacking phase and giving support from wide. She has good ball controlling and has the ability to dribble past her opponent at the flank when she receives the ball (5.6 dribbles per game, 53%). Then, she will make a cross towards the box, quite always with the right foot (2.4 crosses per game, 29%). Her good technique gives her the ability to become dangerous also from the central corridor, as she can dribble inside and then make a through pass (1 key pass per game).

[Watch Tatum’s Highlight Video]

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Kayla Loughrey


Kayla is a right defender who stands out for her tenacity in the defensive actions (9 defensive challenges per game, 71%). Loughrey has good positioning and reading of the game, so she is able to move quickly towards the opponent and tackle her to recover the ball (4.3 tackles per game, 80%). In these cases, she can start quick counters by dribbling forward exploiting free spaces.

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Lacey Harnish


Harnish is a defensive midfielder active in playmaking, considering the fact that her team is focused on maintaining the posses sion and likes to build-up from the back. She tends to drop deeper between center-backs and is able to set the tempo of play – can change direction of the attacks with diagonal passes.

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Elise Bolanos


Elise acts as the mobile central midfielder, she drifts upfront and brings mobility to the team’s structure through off-ball movement. Takes a good amount of challenges on both sides (25 per game) and takes decent amount of situations on herself through individual efforts (9 dribbles per game). Very valuable individual on counter-attacks.

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Isabella Hoag


Right winger. She often joins team’s attack and she can deliver successful crosses into the penalty area. She is a threat in rapid combinations, while also performing timely shifts into half-space zones. Has good acceleration and stamina which makes her a quick executor when she receives in favorable position.

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Taylor Ingersol


Quite tall right midfielder, occupying the whole flank. She is active both in attack and in defense, she is quite attacking-minded. Physically, she is tall and fast, she can cover large spaces, attacking free areas behind the opponent’s line. In attack, she is important when the team attacks on flank, she can play wide receiving the ball and driving it towards the cross zone. She can combine on flank accurately. Taylor is quite accurate in crossing to the box, she performs 5.2 crosses on average per match.

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Nakagawara finds free zones between the lines, space behind defenders or in the box and she demonstrates great finishing skills in different situations. Also she can create threats with powerful and accurate long shots. Without the ball she is active in counter-pressing after turnovers. Anticipates good opportunities to run in behind. Big threat in transition. Performs well in aerial battles. Defensively, she has advanced positioning and tries to break the passing lanes.

[Watch Peyton’s Highlight Video]

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Valeria presents a striker with good pace and stamina. Most of her impact is done through the individual breaking through and off the shoulder insertions behind the center-backs (16 attacking challenges per game and wins 44% of them). Leads counter-attacks by driving the ball upfront and dominates free-space when left with plenty to operate in. When arriving near the penalty area tends to link-up with her teammates and set them up in shooting position.

[Watch Valeria’s Highlight Video]

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