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Players to Watch in the 2006 Girls age group, according to InStat scouts (Northeast Region)

Scouting and analytics platform InStat has provided SoccerWire with a list of players to watch from across the country, based on scouting reports for the 2006 Girls age group.

The list is not a ranking of the age group’s top players, but simply a sampling of some intriguing talent for the 2006 group spread throughout various regions and competing across various leagues. InStat scouts personally evaluated each member of the list and identified positive traits that they believe could be utilized well at the next level.

Each player’s scouting reports linked below are abbreviated for public view. Verified college coaches are invited to complete a brief survey in order to receive InStat’s full PDF with extended scouting reports on each player. For more information, Click Here.

See below for a look at InStat’s players to watch in the Northeast Region. Use the following links to view other regions: Midwest Region | Southwest Region | Southeast Region | West Region

Northeast Region

Payton O’Malley


O’Malley boasts a 73% save percentage and an above average pass rate of 74%. She can stop shots from the outside and inside the box quite well. She also shows good reflexes for this level of competition. She plays mainly long passes to initiate attacks (average success rate on long passes: 57%).

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Kailey McCormick


McCormick is a versatile player; she can perform in various positions. During the season she played both as right and left defender, but also as holding midfielder in some occasions. When she plays as full-back, she is mixed-minded, and plays an important role for her team both on defense and on the attack.


[View Kailey’s InStat Profile]

Sarah Reyes


Reyes is a balanced right full-back. She can take part in the circulation of the ball from back and then play medium/long passes for winger’s runs down the flank. She is focused mostly on the defensive phase and seems rather energetic without the ball, proving to be highly effective in tackling.

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Lily Pitcherella


Lily could act both as pivot and central midfielder. She supports the ball circulation heavily – as a pivot she drifts to the ball occupied side to create tight-space combinations. In the central midfield, she searches for free-space to receive and dictate the rhythm of the attack continuation. Has good spatial awareness and passing ability, which makes her a valuable supporter of attacks through the central axis.

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Maggie Ledwith


Ledwith is a midfielder who operates mainly in the central zones, occasionally emerging in the inside left channel. She can also play slightly further forward as an advanced midfielder. Her entire style of play revolves around combinational play with other midfielders and forwards. She has the ability to play creative and purposeful passes, as she averages 0.67 key passes per game, which in turn leads to 0.33 chances created. Ledwith also makes vertical runs to support the forwards and is not afraid to take a shot on goal (averaging 2.3 shots per game). She is also capable of beating direct opponents with her dribbling and a quick change of pace (averaging 3 dribbles per game with a 67% success rate).

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Attacking player who is able to play as a forward or right winger. However, due to her mobility, could also play as an attacking midfielder. Shaeley is a strong and tall player who performs well with her back to the goal. She covers well the ball due to her size and is able to play a combinational football in between lines, moving the ball to flanks or backwards. She can also make diagonal runs to receive behind the defensive line, especially to the right flank, where she is able to play as a winger.

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