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Players to Watch in the 2006 Girls age group, according to InStat scouts (Midwest Region)

Scouting and analytics platform InStat has provided SoccerWire with a list of players to watch from across the country, based on scouting reports for the 2006 Girls age group.

The list is not a ranking of the age group’s top players, but simply a sampling of some intriguing talent for the 2006 group spread throughout various regions and competing across various leagues. InStat scouts personally evaluated each member of the list and identified positive traits that they believe could be utilized well at the next level.

Each player’s scouting reports linked below are abbreviated for public view. Verified college coaches are invited to complete a brief survey in order to receive InStat’s full PDF with extended scouting reports on each player. For more information, Click Here.

See below for a look at InStat’s players to watch in the Midwest Region. Use the following links to view other regions: Southeast Region | Southwest Region | Northeast Region | West Region

Midwest Region

Stella Eremita


Rather reactive and agile goalkeeper, with a good sense of positioning – shots saved, 82%, even if sometimes can show problems in blocking the ball and on high shots. She is good in ground challenges and in defending in 1vs1 situations – stands just before opponents try to finish attacking actions and is able to close shooting angles.

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Julia Belli


Julia Belli is a central defender; she plays on the left side. She has a good physical structure, she is good in defensive challenges and is quite fast. In defense, Julia Belli can read every kind of situation well, she shows good anticipation skills. Julia is able in covering free spaces in defense, so she can intercept the ball – 8 interceptions on average per match.

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Anisten Cabantac


Cabantac is a dynamic central midfielder, who is ideal to play in a midfield trio. She often moves wider to take part in passing com binations down the flanks and is dangerous in such situations, considering the fact is a good dribbler. The central midfielder also attempts individual actions through the center (7 dribbles per game, 81% won) and is able to penetrate in dangerous positions – she can set-up teammates (1.43 key passes per game) and can also try shooting from long range. Possesses a powerful shot and can use both feet.

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Carson Bohnenstiehl


Fast and skillful central midfielder, with good physical attributes. Feels comfortable in tough situations, active and tenacious in pressing. She often goes with the ball to free spaces during quick offensive transitions. Simple but accurate passes even under pressure, relies on vision and capability to protect the ball with the body. Effective in dribbling near the opposition goal to get into shooting position. Able to play behind the striker and from deeper central position.

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Becca Smith


Becca Smith is a right central midfielder. She is quite tall but also fast, she is very flexible in her movements, with and off the ball. In attack she is a key player for her team, being active both in the first stage of build-up and in the penetration stage – 31 passes per match, 68% accurate. Becca Smith can go through opposite lines with accurate vertical passes, in fact she performs 1.3 key passes per match. She is good in driving the ball towards the opposite half, confident in dribbles, playing in small spaces.

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Mya Nugent


Mya is a left midfielder who plays as an inverted winger. She stands out for her technique and especially, for her shooting skills (5.1 shots per game, 14 goals in 14 games). Nugent is able to make runs with the ball in vertical direction, reach the byline and send crosses, even with her left foot.

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Hope Kim


Hope is a right midfielder, who can also play as right defender if needed. She functions mostly as an inside forward, as she prefers to play more centrally at the half spaces. She tends to open between the opponent’s fullback and the central defender, waiting for the through pass to the space to become dangerous (13 goals this season).

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Ella Jablinskey is a left winger, she is quite fast and she shows good physical and technical skills. She can cover large spaces thanks to her speed, so she is dangerous if has free spaces in the opposite half. Technically, she can drive the ball and she is good in small spaces. Ella Jablinskey performs as left winger, she can both play wide and shift inside the pitch, driving the ball towards the opposite box.

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Conner is an athletically built, skilled forward who can play as both an outside (wide) forward and a center forward, with the left wing being her preferred position. She is a skilled player on the ball, able to beat her direct opponents with feints and dribbling (averaging 14 dribbles per game), or at least put them on the defensive duties, freeing up players in other positions.

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Caroline Cloyd

Midfielder Forward

Cloyd likes to play close to opponent center-backs and promptly attacks spaces behind them – teammates often set-up her with through passes and she is able to finish attacking actions (5 goals scored). She can also drop deeper in front of the defense and then try to set-up teammates who run behind her – provides 0.75 key passes per game. Notably, the center forward also likes to attempt individual actions and can pose a threat on counters, especially after regaining the possession in high zones of the field, as can be effective in counter-pressing.

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