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Players to Watch in the 2006 Girls age group, according to InStat scouts (Southeast Region)

Scouting and analytics platform InStat has provided SoccerWire with a list of players to watch from across the country, based on scouting reports for the 2006 Girls age group.

The list is not a ranking of the age group’s top players, but simply a sampling of some intriguing talent for the 2006 group spread throughout various regions and competing across various leagues. InStat scouts personally evaluated each member of the list and identified positive traits that they believe could be utilized well at the next level.

Each player’s scouting reports linked below are abbreviated for public view. Verified college coaches are invited to complete a brief survey in order to receive InStat’s full PDF with extended scouting reports on each player. For more information, Click Here.

See below for a look at InStat’s players to watch in the Southeast Region. Use the following links to view other regions: Midwest Region | Southwest Region | Northeast Region | West Region

Southeast Region

Avery Parker


Athletic built goalkeeper who starts the attacks mainly with short pass and tries to move the ball with a minimal risk (88% pass accuracy). When pulling long passes, sends them with low towards the left flank. She has good shot stopping ability and stops most of the shots when moving out of the line. She secures crossing attempts from the corners and intercepts most of the deep passes sent into the penalty area (88% successful claims).

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Julia Cosgrove


During the ball circulation she presents a safe passing option, tries to use minimal risk when passing and mainly connects with one of her teammates through short horizontal passes. She might make mistake on medium/long ranged diagonals, but could also connect direct vertical passes with options upfront. Reads the game well and effectively clears the danger out before the opponent receives the ball (69% of the defensive challenges won).

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Emma Muller


Emma is a strong left full-back. She is a versatile player as she is also able to play as central defender, right full-back and defensive midfielder if needed. She is very effective in her defensive duties, both in 1v1 situations and in pressing. In the first case, she may not be very quick, but she enters the duels with strength and wins most of them (67%). In the second case, she prefers to go first to the ball and steal it before the opponent receives it and turns (7 recoveries per game).

[Watch Emma’s Highlight Video]

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Allie Flanagan


Allie is a fast and skillful winger. She plays wide open on the right side, receiving passes and moving forward quickly. Flanagan is not scared of facing opponents in 1vs1 situations, so she exploits her dribbling (9 attempts per game) and a great change of pace to overtake opponents, reach the byline and send accurate crosses (6 per game, including set pieces). It is also remarkable that she can make diagonal runs with the ball and get into the box, finishing with a shot (3.6 per game) or with a key pass (2.2 per game).

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Avery White

Midfielder Forward

Versatile player, can start as a winger on both flanks (mostly on the right side) or a center forward – besides, can also play as a central midfielder. Technical player (can use both feet) and good dribbler, likes to attempt individual actions (4.1 dribbles per game) and can pose a threat on counters – she often cuts inside on the left foot and then tries to set-up teammates with through pass es or reach shooting positions (it should be stressed that has a rather powerful shot).

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Malia Shorter


Strong and fast striker that’s capable of using her body shape and strength to secure the balls. Good in short space combinations. When receiving in the penalty area makes threating actions rapidly. Physically good and skilled player, can create advantage thanks to her movements off the ball. In transition, she poses a great danger because of her ability to attack the space in behind opponent’s defense.

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Ellie Garrison


Ellie Garrison is a tall and powerful striker, playing as a forward or a second striker. She is quite skilled technically and she can act as main target when the team wants to reach the final third. She is quite tall, so she is the main target in direct plays, making a high number of air challenges – 4.1 per match, winning 58% of them. Garrison is good in movements off the ball, she could play wide trying to receive the ball on flank, she is a dynamic striker.

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