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The Girls Academy Dec 31, 2020

Top 50 Girls Academy players in the InStat Index: Fall 2020

As we head into a new year, the newly-launched Girls Academy is heading into the midway point of its inaugural 2020-21 campaign. Following a busy Fall 2020 schedule, we’ll take a look at which players across the country turned in top performances according to scouts.

Through a partnership with InStat, all Girls Academy member clubs have access to professional video analysis services, with InStat’s expert staff breaking down game footage and providing scouting metrics.

InStat’s signature metric is the InStat Index, an algorithm which is regarded as the most accurate assessment of any player’s performance. The InStat Index measures each player’s contribution to the team’s success, the significance of their actions, opponent’s level and the level of the league they play in.

Of course, data that has been accumulated so far this season does not include clubs that have yet to begin competition due to local COVID-19 restrictions. A number of Girls Academy teams – most notably those from California –  have not taken the field at all, or have only played in a very limited number of games to this point.

For those clubs using InStat that have returned to action, see below to find out which Girls Academy players have earned the highest InStat Index ratings during Fall 2020:

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Player Club InStat Index Position Grad Year
1. Sydney Watts Sporting Blue Valley 436 F 2023
2. Katie Johnston Oklahoma Energy 321 F 2025
3. Hannah Minogue TSJ FC Virginia 306 F, CM 2025
4. Kiki Christensen Tophat 272 F 2026
5. Peyton Nourse Colorado Rush 270 F, CM 2023
6. Mya Townes TSJ FC Virginia 265 F, RM 2025
7. Kaya Lee Sporting Blue Valley 259 LM, LD 2022
8. Sophia Baker Oklahoma Energy 257 F 2026
9. KK Ream Utah Royals AZ 248 F, LM 2025
10. Rylee McLanahan Oklahoma Energy 247 F, CM 2026
11. Avery Nguyen Sporting Blue Valley 243 LM, RM 2022
12. Kennedy Williams Tophat 241 F, LM, CM 2026
13-t Layla Sirdah Tophat 240 F 2024
13-t Taylor Lewin Tophat 240 LM, RM 2024
15. Bella Field Sporting Blue Valley 239 F, RM 2023
16. Monica Brauner Sporting Blue Valley 236 CM 2023
17.-t Reiss Wood Sporting Blue Valley 235 F, CM 2022
17.-t Hope Leyba Utah Royals AZ 235 F 2023
19. Viviana Pope TSJ FC Virginia 232 F 2024
20. Mackenzie Hammontree Sporting Blue Valley 228 CM, DM 2022
21. Emma Radoncic STA 223 CM, CD 2023
22. Ella Carter TSJ FC Virginia 221 F, CM 2023
23.-t Anna Castenfelt Utah Royals AZ 220 F, CM 2024
23.-t Alexis Morrison Sporting Blue Valley 220 RM, CM 2023
25. Haley McWhirter Houston Dash 218 F, CM 2021

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