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The Girls Academy Apr 04, 2022

Nationals Girls Academy enters long-term partnership with Female Footballers

Nationals Girls Academy, one of the country’s destination programs for young female soccer players, has announced a new long-term partnership with Female Footballers.

Female Footballers is an organization developed to help young girls focus on the mental aspects of sports. Over the next 12 months, Female Footballers will work closely with Nationals GA to deliver over 26 workshops, presentations, and sessions to players, parents, and coaches in the first phase of this long-term commitment by Nationals to provide an unparalleled development experience.

A program such as Nationals GA creates a myriad of opportunities, with players who are currently or have been part of National Championship winning groups, involved in national team programming for the United States, Mexico, Canada and Haiti, and some of the most impressive college recruiting classes in the U.S.

“As a program, we never want to settle and let complacency set in,” said Academy Director David Robertson. “The Nationals GA program is unique, in that it is designed for the highest potential players with the mindset & commitment to pursue dreams in the highest collegiate environment and beyond.”

“As players are with us for 4+ days a week, 11 months a year, we want to ensure that the incredible young women in our program have every tool to maximize their development into special players and confident young women who will positively impact the world in whatever they chose to do,” Robertson continued

The world is constantly changing, and the pressures of being some of the most talented players in the country can way heavy on players. Learning how to navigate the challenges, in soccer and in life, is crucial to being able to make it at the top level. This is not accomplished through a “one and done” webinar, and thus Nationals GA has invested in the future through the long-term partnership with Female Footballers.

“Nationals Soccer Club is one of the most respected, top level clubs in the Girls Academy League,” said Female Footballers founder Kassie Gray. “Their level of success requires players to have a strong mental mindset. We are thrilled to partner with them to support their elite female players by way of mental skills training and mentorship.”