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How much does a soccer scholarship really cost? (Pt. 1 of 2)

This week, Soccer Wire blogger Dr. Wendy Lebolt asks a crucial question that might make some elite soccer parents uncomfortable: How much is enough to invest in the hopes of a soccer scholarship?

Commentary Oct 18, 2012

Are injuries bad luck, or preventable?

As an expert in sports injury prevention, and a member of the soccer community, physical trainer and biomechanics expert Jennifer Schwartz has witnessed the harmful progression of a perspective that it’s an accepted norm for athletes to compete while jured. Here she breaks down that notion in her first guest blog for Soccer Wire.

Commentary Oct 02, 2012

Could Conference USA turn into a men’s soccer powerhouse?

Though yesterday's announcement that New Mexico is joining Conference USA for the 2013 season might not cause many ripples in the NCAA landscape, it could shake things up a bit in men's soccer.

Commentary Sep 05, 2012

What’s next for women’s professional soccer in the USA?

This started as a reply to a comment here from Dan Borislow himself on our recent story on the potential imminent closure of WPS. It's part rant, part manifesto, part request for feedback so we can all finally get the women's game flourishing. The third time really does need to be the charm!

Commentary Apr 28, 2012

Best description ever of Over-30 men’s game?

This post came via my email inbox this morning. It's not the World Cup, but a great read and I think a great example of why we all keep playing the game well past the time our aging bodies (and day jobs) want us to.

Commentary Mar 30, 2012