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What’s next for women’s professional soccer in the USA?

This started as a reply to a comment here from Dan Borislow himself on our recent story on the potential imminent closure of WPS. It's part rant, part manifesto, part request for feedback so we can all finally get the women's game flourishing. The third time really does need to be the charm!

Commentary Apr 28, 2012

Best description ever of Over-30 men’s game?

This post came via my email inbox this morning. It's not the World Cup, but a great read and I think a great example of why we all keep playing the game well past the time our aging bodies (and day jobs) want us to.

Commentary Mar 30, 2012

ECNL all-stars’ England trip breaks new ground for elite girls’ soccer

With three convincing wins by a combined 18-3 margin over three top non-professional teams on their trip to England earlier this month, the 2011 ECNL/id2 International Tour made a big impression both at home and abroad. NSW Executive Editor Chris Hummer also made the trans-Atlantic trip, and here he explains why the experience was such a revelation for the young league.

Commentary Aug 24, 2011

Club pass’ only one step in larger reform of U.S. youth system

This week U.S. Youth Soccer introduced the ‘club pass’ for member clubs who compete in the annual National Championship Series. PSW Executive Editor Chris Hummer explores this move in the context of larger developments within the nation's elite youth soccer scene.

Commentary Aug 04, 2011

Mario Balotelli’s idiocy proves Roberto Mancini’s brilliance [updated: Whistle?]

Have you ever coached or played with a gifted player who was so damn cocky they destroyed team chemistry, cost the team games and angered others, all while failing to take any of the blame themselves? Mario Balotelli is just such an idiot, says PSW's Chris Hummer.

Commentary Jul 25, 2011

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