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Commentary Mar 30, 2012

Best description ever of Over-30 men’s game?

This post came via my email inbox this morning. It’s not the World Cup, but a great read and I think a great example of why we all keep playing the game well past the time our aging bodies (and day jobs) want us to.

Note the team name here is “Ramp(aged)” – which is the Over-30 version of an Open Division team in the same league known as “Rampage”. Nice.

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(Reprinted with permission from Seth Geftics)


Last night was probably the biggest win in Rampaged history as for the first time we knocked off one of the “Big 3” clubs (Land Warriors, ExCavs and United/Bier). We started off really poorly and basically gave ExCavs 3 thru balls behind our defense, but luckily they were either unable to hit the target or Mike “Don’t Call Me A Keeper” Rumohr stuffed them. After that first five minutes we really calmed down and played some decent soccer. We were able to get decent stretches of possion in their half and created several chances but unfortunately couldn’t put any of them away. Our back line also stayed pretty coordinated from that point on.

We start off the second half strong and Tim Martin scored a rare Rampaged goal off a free kick just under the crossbar. Fantastic strike from the soon to be pappa. At that point disaster struck and Eddie got a massive cut on his head making him the second Rampaged to add some blood stains at EC Lawrence on his way to the hospital “Mean” Jeremy Greene was the first. Last I heard Eddie was in the hospital room getting staples in his head. The “Urban Turban” we made him on the sideline stopped the bleeding long enough that he could drive to the ER and drew praise from several emergency room officials. I’m looking at getting a patent. Attached is a photo of Eddie bleeding.

Equally as disturbing to having a guy go to the ER was the two goals we let up while we were tending to his wounds. I did not see them but I heard they were decent goals….suddenly we were down 2-1 in a span of a couple of minutes. We responded well and didn’t panic. Showing a rare sign of maturity we stepped up our intensity but kept our shape, discipline and game strategy. This paid off with heavy pressure on the other team finally leading to a goal. After some sustained pressure Jeremy found himself on the right side of the attack and looked to serve a cross in. However, he saw the keeper cheating off his line and chipped him from about 35 yards out. Golazo! 2-2.

The game was a little back and forth now with both teams pressing but Mike Rumohr made save after save…..several of them RIDICULOUS. It was one of the finer keeper performances, if not the finest, in Rampaged history…despite the fact he is not a keeper. Finally, we got a 3rd goal with about 5 or 10 minutes left. Tim made a deep run after a nice through ball and touched the ball past the keeper. Jay “This train has no breaks” Horesco was making a run to the far post but slightly overran the ball. He was able to recover and lay it off perfectly to Paul who had made a long run from midfield to one-touch it past the keeper from a few yards out. He called it “the easiest goal I’ll ever score” but I’ve seen plenty of us miss those over the years. 3-2 win which we were able to hold onto.

Great effort from everyone on the field. Kudos to the new players Nick, Tod and Matt “I haven’t played in 3 years” Makowsky on making major contributions in their first game on the squad. I thought everyone played really hard and worked well as a team. It was nice to see.

MVP: Mike Rumohr
Honorable Mention: Tim Martin
Goals: Tim M,, Jeremy, Paul
Assists: Tim M,, Jay Horesco
LVP: Colin, who is still out with a injury sustained while putting in hair gel which is both embarrassing to him and insulting to me.

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