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Resources Mar 27, 2012

Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta scores a knuckleball FK against Aston Villa

In Arsenal’s 3-0 win over Aston Villa this weekend, Mikel Arteta scored on a spectacular free kick from over 30 yards out. The goal puts the Gunners solidly in third place, which means a spot in next year’s UEFA Champions League.

While the commentators claimed the ball was accelerating even as it traveled – a physical impossibility – the strike nonetheless “on a winding rope” and beyond stopable by any GK unless they were already moving in anticipation.In fact, a closer look sees the ‘keeper in the right position to start, but a minor flinch to the right is all Arteta’s swerving miracle needed.

Can you strike a ball this clean? Who needs bending when you can pick an open spot and just hit it there?

below are several youtube embeds of the strike – just in case some are taken down.


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