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Coaching Dec 06, 2019

United Soccer Coaches announces 2019 NCAA Regional Staff of the Year winners (Women’s)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – United Soccer Coaches announced on Friday the 2019 Regional Staff of the Year winners for NCAA Divisions I, II, and III men’s and women’s soccer.

Each of the 48 (24 men’s and 24 women’s) staffs receiving Regional Staff of the Year honors will be recognized at the College Coaches Awards Reception on Thursday Jan. 16, 2020 at the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Baltimore.

In addition, the Regional Staff of the Year recipients will be placed on the ballot for United Soccer Coaches National Staff of the Year consideration within their respective NCAA division. The ballot will also include the addition of coaching staffs from any schools which advance to the semifinals of their NCAA Championship.

Women’s Regional Staff of the Year 
NCAA Division I
Region School Head Coach
Atlantic University of North Carolina Anson Dorrance
East Brown University Kia McNeill
Midwest Oklahoma State University Colin Carmichael
North Central Connecticut State Mick D’Arcy
Pacific University of Washington Lesle Gallimore
South University of South Florida Denise Schilte-Brown
Southeast University of South Carolina Shelley Smith
West Brigham Young University Jennifer Rockwood
NCAA Division II
Region School Head Coach
Atlantic Bloomsburg University Matt Haney
Central Concordia University-St. Paul Steve Bellis
East Molloy College Steve Price
Midwest Grand Valley State University Jeff Hosler
South University of Montevallo Jake Wyman
South Central Dallas Baptist University Michelle Lenard
Southeast Flagler College Ashley Martin
West Cal Poly Pomona Jay Mason
NCAA Division III
Region School Head Coach
Central Washington University-St. Louis Jim Conlon
East William Smith College Aliceann Wilber
Great Lakes Ohio Northern University Mark Batman
Mid-Atlantic Dickinson College Ted Zingman
New England Tufts University Martha Whiting
North University of St. Thomas Sheila McGill
South Atlantic Centre College Jay Hoffman
West Trinity University Dylan Harrison

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