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The Girls Academy Aug 07, 2020

Girls Academy unveils Conference Reps for player-led board

The Girls Academy (GA) has announced the Conference Reps for its player-led board, with one member for each of the seven conferences nationwide.

For the inaugural 2020-2021 season, the Conference Reps will include the following players: Tophat’s Isabel Smith (Southeast), Cedar Stars Academy Bergen’s Sophia Gambuti (Northeast), Sporting Delaware’s Tyla Walker (Atlantic), Cincinnati United’s Sydney Skinner (Mid-America), San Antonio City’s Faith Wylie (Frontier), Utah Royals FC AZ’s Isabella Leonard (Southwest) and FC Bay Area’s Elise Evans (Northwest).

The Girls Academy Advisory Panel (GAAP) is the first-ever player-led board in youth soccer which represents the Girls Academy’s ‘by the players, for the players’ philosophy. It will also include Conference Reps at the coach / administrator level, which have already been announced:

• Frontier | Megan McCormick | [email protected]

• Mid-America | Katlin Okamoto | [email protected]

• Mid-Atlantic | Nicci Wright | [email protected]

• Northeast | Kelly Sims | [email protected]

• Northwest | Giovanni Monroe | [email protected]

• Southeast | Alexa Diaz | [email protected]

• Southwest | Kayley Sullivan | [email protected]

To learn more about the GAAP, Click Here.