Become a Premier Club Partner

Become a Premier Club Partner

The Premier Club Partner program is an exclusive offering made to youth soccer clubs who understand the value of keeping their brand, tournaments, tryouts, job openings, and news front and center on one of the most popular youth soccer information sources in the world – and our growing family of email newsletters.

The $2,000 annual cost is returned in-full via direct advertising credits for a guaranteed 100% R.O.I. as long as your club utilizes the credits.

PLUS clubs receive branding, discounts on additional advertising, and proactive attention from our news editors to capture and share their newsworthy events.

Each Premier Club Partner receives:

  • $2,000 cash credit on any Newsletter Ads, Website Banners, Advertising from our Rate Card
  • Unlimited BASIC website classified ads for club and its teams (includes tryouts and camps)
  • 25% off any additional Soccer Wire Newsletter and Website Banner advertising once initial $2,000 credit is used
  • Priority listing of any newsletter ads above non-Premier Club Members
  • 20,000 Monthly MICRO Website Banner Impressions on under “Featured Partners” section
  • Club logo, full name, acronym, prominently displayed in Premier Club Partners section of
  • Club website visited weekly by a Editor with any newsworthy content shared on our website and/or email newsletter issue as appropriate
  • Club social media accounts added to all Soccer Wire social lists of Premier Club Partners
  • All club’s social media platforms “liked” or “followed” by all relevant Soccer Wire social media accounts

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