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College Recruiting Feb 09, 2021

NCAA Men’s Soccer Commitment Announcements: February 2021

The following NCAA men’s soccer commitments have been reported to during the month of February 2021.

The list below is updated weekly as new commitments are reported.

NCAA Men’s Soccer Commitment Tracker
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Class of 2021

Edwin Dominguez – Defender
Club: FC Golden State (CA)
College: Harvard

Parker Christina – Midfielder
Club: Darlington SA (NY)
College: Albany

Jarron James – Midfielder
Club: Charlotte SA (NC)
College: UNC Asheville

Elijah Beverley – Forward
Club: San Juan SC (CA)
College: Seattle

Owen Christiansen – Defender
Club: Florida Krush (FL)
College: North Florida

Matthew Hunter – Defender
Club: Richmond United (VA)
College: Virginia

Logan D’Aoust – Defender
Club: Long Island SC (NY)
College: Hofstra

Rocco Deppe – Midfielder
Club: Kansas Rush (KS)
College: Air Force

Justin Frick – Midfielder
Club: Virginia Legacy (VA)
College: Virginia Wesleyan

Nate Vota – Defender
Club: FC Cincinnati (OH)
College: Wash U St. Louis

Nate Erre – Defender
Club: Club Ohio (OH)
College: Wright State

Class of 2022

Colin Gallagher – Goalkeeper
Club: Chargers SC (FL)
College: Virginia

Nathan Scott – Midfielder
Club: SJ Earthquakes (CA)
College: UC Riverside

AJ Schuetz – Midfielder
Club: VDA (VA)
College: Navy

Cullen MacNeil – Goalkeeper
Club: Vardar (MI)
College: South Carolina

Owen Walz – Defender
Club: D.C. United (DC)
College: Virginia

Theo Drennan – Midfielder
Club: Richmond United (VA)
College: Virginia Tech

Zayyan Ahmed – Defender
Club: Loudoun SC (VA)
College: Virginia Tech

Parker Sloan – Forward
Club: FC Richmond (VA)
College: Virginia

Calvin Lemley – Defender
Club: Boston Bolts (MA)
College: Colgate

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