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It’s time to revisit the ACL injury prevention approach

Are ACL injuries an unavoidable hardship for female soccer players? That's the conventional wisdom in some quarters, but fitness blogger Jennifer Schwartz thinks we're long overdue for a second look at the underlying factors.

Advice May 14, 2013

‘Just Don’t Get Hurt’ – how do you play that game?

Dr. Wendy Lebolt returns with a telling look at the way managing, enduring and avoiding injuries takes its psychological toll on young athletes.

Advice Mar 01, 2013

Should boys and girls be coached differently?

Soccer America's Mike Woitalla recently sat down with U.S. Youth Soccer Technical Director Sam Snow to discuss whether or not there are real differences in coaching girls and boys.

Advice Feb 13, 2013

Who Needs Core Fitness?

Strong core muscles aren't just for looks: they can actually make you a better soccer player and help protect you from injury, even concussions. Dr. Wendy LeBolt explains in her latest blog post for

Advice Feb 12, 2013

Hamstring injuries: We’ve outgrown our options

Hamstrings: They're a soccer player's best friend, but they can also become a nightmare. Physical trainer, biomechanics expert and youth soccer coach Jennifer Schwartz goes in-depth to provide some context on one of the game's most common injuries in her latest guest blog for Soccer Wire.

Advice Nov 14, 2012

How to talk to your athletes about what they eat

America has a weight problem, and it affects young athletes as much as anyone. This week Dr. Wendy Lebolt discusses the importance of talking to your young players about body image, nutrition and healthy eating choices.

Advice Sep 19, 2012

Save the knees: Keeping kids in the game

In her latest TSW blog post, Dr. Wendy Lebolt looks at perhaps the most devastating -- and these days, all too common -- injury in soccer: the torn ACL.

Advice Jul 31, 2012

A message to elite, uncommitted youth soccer players

It's almost time for spring high school season again, and Chris Hummer, The Soccer Wire's Executive Editor, has a bit of advice for elite, uncommitted soccer players considering high school vs. club choices.

Advice Feb 17, 2012