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NCAA Dec 04, 2020

Top 50 NCAA Men’s Soccer Players in the InStat Index – Fall 2020 Final

The fall portion of the 2020-2021 NCAA men’s soccer season is in the books, with the ACC being the center of attention as other major conferences including the Pac-12, Big 10 and Big East sitting out until the spring.

Clemson rose up to defeat Pittsburgh in the ACC title match, while Coastal Carolina beat Georgia State to claim the highly competitive Sun Belt Conference championship.

This week, we take a look at the top 50 NCAA players ranked by the analytics platform, InStat Sport, which this fall is dominated by ACC players along with numerous Sun Belt standouts.

InStat’s signature metric is the InStat Index, an algorithm which is regarded as the most accurate assessment of any player’s performance. The InStat Index measures each player’s contribution to the team’s success, the significance of their actions, opponent’s level and the level of the league they play in.

Each player’s InStat Index rating is based on a number of actions and events from each match, featuring a unique set of 12-14 key parameters for each position on the field. The weight of the action factors differs depending on the player position – for example, grave mistakes made by central defenders and their frequency affect InStat Index more than those made by forwards. These factors are multiplied by an average InStat Index collected across matches around the globe for several years.

See below to find out which NCAA men’s soccer players earned the best InStat Index ratings during Fall 2020:

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Player Team InStat Index Position Nationality
1. Kimarni Smith Clemson 251 LM, F, RM England / USA
2. Daniel Pereira Virginia Tech 238 DM, CM USA
3. Kristo Strickler Virginia Tech 236 F, CM, RM USA
4. Veljko Petkovic Pittsburgh 226 F, CM USA
5.-t Aime Mabika Kentucky 224 CD USA
5.-t Isaiah Parente Wake Forest 224 DM, CM USA
5.-t Valentin Noel Pittsburgh 224 F, DM France
8. Marcelo Lage Coastal Carolina 223 RD, LD, CD USA
9.-t Alex Henderson Georgia State 221 CD USA
9.-t Bryce Washington Pittsburgh 221 CD, RD USA
11. Bertin Jacquesson Pittsburgh 220 RM France
12.-t Sivert Haugli Virginia Tech 217 DM, CD Norway
12.-t Luis Felipe Fernandez-Salvador Clemson 217 CM, DM USA
14. Arturo Ordonez Pittsburgh 214 CD USA
15.-t Machop Chol Wake Forest 212 F, LM, RM USA
15.-t Andreas Ueland Virginia 212 CD Norway
17. George Proctor Georgia State 211 CD USA
18.-t Mirkovic Filip Pittsburgh 209 DM USA
18.-t Jack Doran Duke 209 RM, LM USA
18.-t Holland Rula Wake Forest 209 LD USA
21.-t Philip Mayaka Clemson 208 DM Kenya
21.-t Oskar Agren Clemson 208 CD USA
21.-t Charlie Asensio Clemson 208 LM, LD USA
21.-t Brock Lindow Kentucky 208 RM, F, CM Canada
21.-t Matthew Radivojsa Notre Dame 208 CM, LM USA

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