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Top 50 NCAA Men’s Soccer Players in the InStat Index for Fall 2020 (#26-50)



See below to find out which NCAA men’s soccer players earned the best InStat Index ratings during the Fall 2020 season:

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Player Team InStat Index Position Nationality
26.-t Jasper Loffelsend Pittsburgh 207 F, LM, RD Germany
26.-t Leon Jones Kentucky 207 CD USA
28.-t Matthew Fearnely Georgia State 205 F, CM USA
28.-t Jack Lynn Notre Dame 205 F, CM USA
28.-t Jose Alberto Suarez Central Arkansas 205 DM, CD Colombia
28.-t Rouse Bailey Kentucky 205 DM USA
32.-t Abdi Salim Syracuse 204 CD USA
32.-t Koby Carr Wake Forest 204 RD, RM USA
32.-t Raphael Crivello Pittsburgh 204 LM, LD France
35.-t Justin Malou Clemson 203 RD, CD USA
35.-t Kasper Skraep Coastal Carolina 203 CD Denmark
35.-t Elmedkhar Kalil Kentucky 203 LM USA
35.-t Kyle Gruno Syracuse 203 CD USA
35.-t Philip Quinton Notre Dame 203 CD USA
35.-t Takuma Suzuki Wake Forest 203 DM USA
41.-t Senan Farrelly Notre Dame 202 CD, RD USA
41.-t Jakob Bluemler Virginia Tech 202 RM, RD USA
43.-t Tim Schels North Carolina 201 DM, LM Germany
43.-t Ramon Munoz Georgia State 201 LM, CD, LD Mexico
43.-t Esteban Leiva Coastal Carolina 201 F Costa Rica
43.-t Logan Luque Georgia State 201 RM, RD USA
47. Joan Gilbert Virginia 200 DM, CM USA
48.-t Mohamed Seye Ait-Rayss Clemson 198 F, LM, CM Spain
48.-t John Martin Clemson 198 CM, RD USA
50.-t Nicholas Blacklock Virginia Tech 197 LM, CM, RM USA
50.-t Taff Wadda North Carolina 197 LM, RM USA
50.-t Eythor Bjorgolfsson Kentucky 197 F Norway

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