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ECNL Jun 21, 2021

Top 50 ECNL Girls players in the InStat Index: June 2021 Update

SoccerWire has provided an updated look at which ECNL Girls players have earned the highest ratings this season, according to data accumulated by InStat, the scouting and analytics platform.

InStat’s signature metric is the InStat Index, an algorithm which is regarded as the most accurate assessment of any player’s performance. The InStat Index measures each player’s contribution to the team’s success, the significance of their actions, opponent’s level and the level of the league they play in.

For those clubs using InStat, the current ECNL season has been highlighted by top performances from numerous U.S. Youth National Team standouts, including many of the world’s top women’s soccer prospects. Trinity Byars holds the No. 1 spot according to InStat with a rating of 501, but has been removed from SoccerWire’s listing since she has joined the University of Texas and is now a current college player.

Solar SC, the No. 1 ranked club in SoccerWire’s Top 100 Girls Club Rankings, leads the InStat list with 20 out of the 50 highest-rated players. Northern Virginia’s McLean Youth Soccer has seven players featured on the list.

See below to find out which ECNL Girls players have earned the highest InStat Index ratings during the 2020-2021 regular season.

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Player Club InStat Index Position Grad Year
1. London Serafim Richmond United 345 F 2026
2. Jaedyn Shaw Solar SC 330 CM 2023
3. Amalia Villareal Solar SC 289 F, LM, CM 2024
4. Kennedy Fuller Solar SC 280 CM, RM 2025
5. Makhiya McDonald Solar SC 259 F, LM, RM 2021
6. Morgan Elkelbarner Solar SC 256 LM, RM 2022
7. Emeri Adames Solar SC 253 LM, CM 2024
8. Jill Flammia Richmond United 246 F, CM 2022
9.-t Angelique Banks Richmond United 238 F, LM, CM 2025
9.-t Jordan Hill Solar SC 238 F 2025
11. Tyler Isgrig Solar SC 237 F, LM, RM 2022
12. Camryn Lancaster Solar SC 230 RM 2021
13. Kennedy Roesch San Diego Surf 228 F, LM 2024
14. Sarah Rosenbaum Richmond United 226 F, RM 2023
15. Eliza Turner McLean Youth Soccer 225 DM, CM 2021
16. Kamdyn Fuller Solar SC 223 CM 2026
17. Jenna Newman Richmond United 222 CM 2026
18.-t Nawreen Ahmad McLean Youth Soccer 221 DM, CM 2025
18.-t Maile Hayes Challenge SC 221 F 2021
20. Kailyn Dudukovich Ohio Elite SA 220 F 2021
21. Brooke Oswald McLean Youth Soccer 218 F 2024
22. Quinn Cornog Solar SC 216 DM 2021
23. Taylor Zdrojewski FC Dallas 214 F 2022
24. Jordan Felton McLean Youth Soccer 212 F, CM 2021
25. Audrey Bryant Solar SC 210 RM, F 2025

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