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USYS Jul 06, 2016

Sixty-four teams qualify for 2016-17 US Youth Soccer National League

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FRISCO, Texas (Via US Youth Soccer) — The US Youth Soccer Regional Championships wrapped up on July 5, as 64 Regional winners or finalists in the Under-13 through Under-17 Boys and Girls Divisions earned automatic qualification into the US Youth Soccer National League for the 2016-17 season.

The Regional Champions or representatives to Nationals in the Under-13 and Under-17 age groups secure spots in next year’s league, while the league’s expansion allows both finalists in the Under-14 through Under-16 age groups to qualify for the 2016-17 National League season.

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The National League is an extension of the US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues (Eastern Regional League, Midwest Regional League, Southern Regional Premier League and Far West Regional League).

There are three means to earning automatic qualification into the National League:

  • 64 Regional Championship winners/finalists (listed below)
  • 56 returning National League division top-four finishers
  • 128 Regional League qualifiers

For a list of qualification spots and current automatic qualifiers, click here. Should any team claim two or more automatic spots, or if a team does not accept its automatic spot, those unfilled spots will be filled through an open application process.

2016-17 National League Qualifiers | Region I Champions/Finalists

Under-13 Champion Syracuse Development Academy (NY-W)
Under-14 Champion Baltimore Darby 01/02 (MD)*
Under-14 Finalist FCV Ashburn Elite 01 (VA)
Under-15 Champion LMSC Sabertooth Rats (PA-E)
Under-15 Finalist HMMS Eagle FC 00 Titans (PA-E)*
Under-16 Champion Loudoun 99 Red (VA)
Under-16 Finalist Fewster FC (MD)
Under-17 Champion Pipeline Black (MD)
Under-13 Champion NJ Rush 02 Blue (NJ)
Under-14 Champion BRYC 01 Elite (VA)
Under-14 Finalist South Shore Select Elite (MA)*
Under-15 Champion HBC Impact 00 (NY-E)*
Under-15 Finalist Princeton SA IGFA 00/01 (NJ)
Under-16 Champion Syracuse Development Academy 99/00 (NY-W)
Under-16 Finalist FC Penn Strikers (PA-E)*
Under-17 Champion Beadling Bulldogs (PA-W)

2016-17 National League Qualifiers | Region II Champions/Finalists

Under-13 Champion Michigan Wolves (MI)
Under-14 Champion Raiders City (IL)
Under-14 Finalist Sporting J. B. Marine (MO)
Under-15 Champion CFA Raiders (IL)*
Under-15 Finalist Toledo Celtics Black (OH-N)
Under-16 Champion OP Green (OH-S)*
Under-16 Finalist Milwaukee Bavarians (WI)
Under-17 Champion Challenger Crew Jrs Gold 98 (OH-N)
Under-13 Champion CUP Gold (OH-S)
Under-14 Champion PSG MI Gators 02 Orange (MI)*
Under-14 Finalist Waza FC East 02 Black (MI)
Under-15 Champion Midwest United FC 01 Royal (MI)*
Under-15 Finalist Campton United Navy (IL)*
Under-16 Champion FCKC Pink Panthers Elite (MO)*
Under-16 Finalist CUP Gold 99/00 (OH-S)*
Under-17 Champion LSC EGA Maroon 98/99 (NE)

2016-17 National League Qualifiers | Region III Champions/Finalists

Under-13 Champion 02 CASL Academy Juniors (NC)
Under-14 Champion West Pines United Carrillo (FL)
Under-14 Finalist 01 CASL Red North (NC)
Under-15 Champion Davie United Sharks 00/01 Blue (FL)
Under-15 Finalist GSA 01 Premier (GA)*
Under-16 Champion Concorde Fire 99/00 (GA)*
Under-16 Finalist Andromeda FC 00 Red (TX-N)
Under-17 Champion CASL 98 Red (NC)
Under-13 Champion Solar Chelsea Red (TX-N)
Under-14 Champion Florida Elite 01/02 (FL)
Under-14 Finalist Tennessee SC 20 (TN)*
Under-15 Champion Dallas Kicks SC 01 (TX-N)
Under-15 Finalist OFC 01 Phillips (OK)*
Under-16 Champion Florida Krush Black (FL)
Under-16 Finalist South Carolina United FC 99 Elite (SC)
Under-17 Champion CR S Burgundy Rapids (NC)

2016-17 National League Qualifiers | Region IV Champions/Finalists

Under-13 Champion Strikers FC Chingirian (CA-S)
Under-14 Champion LVSA 02 Red (NV)
Under-14 Finalist Eastside Timbers Ajax (OR)
Under-15 Champion SC Sporting 00 Green (CA-N)
Under-15 Finalist Rio Rapids SC 01 (NM)
Under-16 Champion Strikers FC North (CA-S)
Under-16 Finalist EC Real Pumas (CA-N)
Under-17 Champion Seattle United 98 Copa (WA)
Under-13 Champion So Cal Blues 02 Baker (CA-S)
Under-14 Champion USA Stars 02 (CA-N)
Under-14 Finalist Fullerton Rangers 01 White (CA-S)
Under-15 Champion FC Salmon Creek Nemesis 00 Ellerston (OR)
Under-15 Finalist Rebels SC Elite (CA-S)
Under-16 Champion Legends FC 99 (CA-S)*
Under-16 Finalist La Roca Premier PO (UT)*
Under-17 Champion Eastside FC 98 Red (WA)

*Slot becomes open as Regional Championship winner/finalist has already qualified for next season’s National League via its finish in the 2015-16 National League

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