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Youth Boys May 02, 2019

Carolinas Premier League announces expansion for Fall 2019

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(Via Carolinas Premier League) – Carolinas Premier League (CPL) began in the fall 2018 season. The league has recently announced its unique partnership with the Southern Clubs Champions League (SCCL) for players aged 13-U through 19-U starting Fall 2019. In addition to these developments, the CPL is now announcing it has expanded to offer 8-U through 12-U Divisions in another part of the Carolina’s to be branded at the CPL Central Division.

The expansion of the league will see clubs form a 8-U through 12-U league to provide all levels of soccer in a more geographic and player-centric form. The expansion will also mean that crossover weekends can be arranged into the calendar to offer a great game experience for all levels of play.

The clubs involved in the CPL Central Division for the 2019-20 season are:

  • GPS Lexington (S.C.)
  • Augusta Arsenal (Ga.)
  • Charlotte Independence Soccer Club (N.C/S.C)
  • SC/GA Bulls Soccer Club (Ga./S.C.)
  • South Carolina United FC (S.C.)

The CPL is built with a long-term player development focus, as its youngest age groups – 8-U through 10-U – compete in a 7v7 format, and the older age groups – 11-U and 12-U – play 9v9. This gives players more touches on the ball. The CPL is also partnered with the SCCL to provide and Elite Club vs. Club format and regional play for 13-U through 19-U.

The clubs within the Central Division will join the club playing in the CPL South for the 2019-20 season, who are:

  • Cainhoy Athletic (S.C.)
  • Coast FA (S.C.)
  • Daniel Island Soccer Association (S.C.)
  • GPS Coastal Academy (S.C.)
  • GPS NASA (S.C.)
  • James Island Youth Soccer Club (S.C.)
  • USA Mount Pleasant (S.C.)

Similar to US Club Soccer’s mission of fostering the growth and development of clubs throughout the country, the CPL’s philosophy is to provide the optimal environment for player development at the club level. This is accomplished through all the clubs’ Directors of Coaching consistently working together towards that goal for the benefits of players and their families.

“It has been a remarkable experience collaborating with the top clubs in South Carolina throughout the first season of the CPL,” said Sean Carey, League Director of the CPL. “The Carolina’s Premier League will build on the many successful elements of our U8-U12 programming and implement best practice experience into our upcoming U13-U18 programming.  The level of professionalism demonstrated by the member clubs of the CPL has remained impressive throughout the first year together. We will continue to provide players, teams and clubs the best playing environment possible on the field support by continued cooperation and organization off the field.”

CPL clubs receive a wide array of benefits as part of its US Club Soccer membership. This includes Players First, which is a branded, holistic club soccer experience for parents and players, which emphasizes the development of each individual to his or her full potential, and helps parents make better choices about where their children should play. Players First is built on five pillars:

  • Club Development
  • Coaching Development
  • Player Development
  • Parent Engagement & Education
  • Player Health & Safety

CPL members will also enjoy exposure to Player Development Programs (PDPs) and the id² Program. These programs help provide identification and development to the entire country, including traditionally underserved regions.

Quote from CPL Central participating clubs:

  • Marc Joyce, GPS Lexington Technical Director: “We’re looking forward to having our Junior academy players involved in a league that will be high in both competition and organisation. The CPL allows us to collaborate with the other clubs involved in creating a strong platform for our players development and enjoyment.”
  • Jamie McClendon, South Carolina United FC JA Director: “The CPL Central will allow us to collaborate with the other leading clubs in our area and provide a fantastic developmental platform for our Junior academy. We believe the CPL Central will provide a great on field experience for our players whilst also providing a consistent level of organization off it. A club driven league who’s focus is on the player experience.”
  • David Carton, Charlotte Independence Technical Director: “This platform will be the perfect development platform for our teams and we are looking forward to working with all of the clubs involved. All are committed to the development model that this league provides and all are very deliberate in how we want to provide appropriate and strong competition for our teams. Can’t wait for a great season.”
  • Andrew Hammer, The Bulls Soccer Club, Executive Director: “Then CPL and US Club Soccer will provide us an opportunity for our U8-U12 players and teams to join forces with some of the best clubs in the Southeast. The league and administration will take a player first mindset with the focus on player development and growth. The leadership will be driven by the clubs, focusing on what’s best from the club standpoint not an administrative standpoint. The Bulls Soccer Club is proud to be a founding member of this new club and looks forward to watching this group grown and seeing the results on and off the field.”
  • Tom Norton, The Augusta Arsenal, Executive Director:  “We look forward to expanding our partnership with the other CPL Central Clubs and US Club Soccer to make this an outstanding league for our academy players.  The player centered philosophy will provide an enjoyable, exciting, high quality training environment and game experience for our young players.”