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Top 50 NCAA Women’s Soccer Players in the InStat Index for Fall 2020 (#26-50)

See below to find out which NCAA women’s soccer players earned the best InStat Index ratings during the Fall 2020 season:

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Name Team InStat Index Position
26.-t Jordyn Rhodes Kentucky 202 F, CM
26.-t Brandi Peterson TCU 202 CD, LD
26.-t Rachel Jones North Carolina 202 LM, F, CM
26.-t Claire Constant Virginia 202 DM, RD, CD
30.-t Barbara Olivieri Texas A&M 201 RM, F
30.-t Sophie Jones Duke 201 DM, CM
32.-t Olivia Wilkes South Alabama 200 LD
32.-t Julia Dorsey North Carolina 200 CD, RD, LD
32.-t Kristina Lynch Florida State 200 LM
32.-t Samar Guidry Virginia 200 LM, LD
36.-t Karlina Sample Texas A&M 199 CD
36.-t Morgan Cross South Alabama 199 RM, LM
38.-t Taryn Torres Virginia 198 DM, CM
38.-t Abby Boyan Georgia 198 CM
40.-t Emina Ekic Louisville 197 F, CM
40.-t Abi Brighton Vanderbilt 197 DM
42.-t Parker Goins Arkansas 196 F, CM
42.-t Megan Bornkamp Clemson 196 DM, CD
42.-t Kirsten Pavlisko Florida State 196 CD, RD, LD
45.-t Talia Staude Virginia 195 CD
45.-t Tess Boade Duke 195 RM, CM
45.-t Anna Patten South Carolina 195 CD, CM
48.-t Sarah Sodoma Arkansas 194 F, LM
48.-t Anna Sumpter Virginia 194 CM, DM
48.-t Chaylyn Hubbard TCU 194 RD, LD

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