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Jul 31, 2019

US Youth Soccer National Championships 2019 Best XI Teams (Boys)

FRISCO, Texas (July 31, 2019) — The Best XI teams were announced for the 2019 US Youth Soccer National Championships, which took place July 22-28 at the Scheels Overland Park Soccer Complex in Overland Park, Kan.

The National Championships featured US Youth Soccer Regional Champions in the 13U through 19U Boys and Girls age groups, as well as the US Youth Soccer National League qualifiers in the 14U through 19U Boys and Girls age groups.


*  Represents Golden Ball winner
** Represents Golden Glove winner

13-and-Under Boys
Edward Smith III* 2006 Pipeline SC Pre-Academy Defender
Fabian Enriquez FC Dallas 06 Premier Other
Rigoberto Carrillo FC Dallas 06 Premier Other
Joel Rodriguez Rebels SC Defender
Leonardo Loya Rebels SC Defender
Angel Gael Medrano Michigan Jaguars 06 Green Other
Anthony Topolski 2006 Pipeline SC Pre-Academy Midfield
Kobe Keomany 2006 Pipeline SC Pre-Academy Other
Travis Zeleji Michigan Jaguars 06 Green Other
Philippe Oliveira 2006 Pipeline SC Pre-Academy Other
Tyler Mezzadra** 2006 Pipeline SC Pre-Academy Keeper
14-and-Under Boys
Sergio Oregel* Raiders FC – 2005 Defender
Zsombor Onodi Pennine United 05 Forward
Isaac Calderon LVSA 05 Red Forward
ARIEL NUNEZ 05 PGSA Stars Midfield
Alan Alonso Libertyville FC 1974 Elite Other
Miguel  Garcia Libertyville FC 1974 Elite Other
Ernesto Perez MSC Academy 05/06 Midfield
Charles Taliano STA 2005 Forward
Zachary Hult Libertyville FC 1974 Elite Other
Ryan Eapen** STA 2005 Keeper
15-and-Under Boys
Marco Antonio Valencia Raiders FC – 2004 Forward
Milton Jones* Real Jersey FC Forward
Dillon Barbeiri PA Dominion 04 Midfield
Aiden Baraiac Nationals Union 04 Black Midfield
Andrew Kitch Real Jersey FC Forward
Christian Leon Raiders FC – 2004 Midfield
Jackson Boreham Oklahoma Energy FC 04 (Central) Midfield
Richard  Ludwig Nationals Union 04 Black Forward
Emanuel Michael PPA KSA 04 Pro-Profile Forward
Shane Velez PA Dominion 04 Defender
Ty Bleiler** PA Dominion 04 Keeper
16-and-Under Boys
Caden Stafford* Syracuse Development Academy Forward
William Navarre Milwaukee Bavarians 2003 Other
Andrew Getsy Beadling 2003 – South Red Keeper
Charlie Gaffney Seattle United 03 Copa Forward
Cole Ross SLSG 2003 Elite Forward
Ayden Mendoza FC Dallas 03 Premier Other
Joseph Fonagy Beadling 2003 – South Red Defender
Alan  Lopez LVSA 03 Silver Forward
Johnny Barr SLSG 2003 Elite Keeper
Aaron Ulloa Tapia LVSA 03 Silver Midfield
Jason Sotelo & Adair Ceron** LVSA 03 Silver Keeper
17-and-Under Boys
Noah Robertson* Santa Clara Sporting 02 Green Forward
Joseph Core Arlington SA 2002 Red Forward
Jonathan Lee** Arlington SA 2002 Red Keeper
Garrett Ross Arlington SA 2002 Red Defender
Spencer Hanks Baltimore Celtic 02 Forward
Donovahn Allen Washington Premier 2002 Black Defender
Edgar Nino OK Energy FC Central 02 Defender
Jack Voight Michigan Jaguars 02 Green Forward
Eduardo Villagomez Michigan Jaguars 02 Green Midfield
18-and-Under Boys
Deedson Vixamar* PPA KSA 01 Pro-Profile Forward
Charles Sharp Michigan Wolves 01 Forward
Christopher Rindov OBGC Rangers Blue 2001 Defender
Ryen Jiba Sparta 01 Premier JK Forward
Christian Naizer Solar 01 Stricker Forward
Justin Grady Future Player Academy Keeper
Carl Henry Desir PPA KSA 01 Pro-Profile Forward
Caleb Sexton Michigan Wolves 01 Midfield
Liam Giffin OBGC Rangers Blue 2001 Forward
ORLANDO CASTRO FC Dallas 01 Premier Forward
Richard Sanon Nicholas** PPA KSA 01 Pro-Profile Keeper
19-and-Under Boys
Brandon Knapp* Baltimore Celtic SC 00 Defender
Euan Forrest Lehigh Valley United 2000 Black Defender
Arthur Dos Santos FC Golden State White Defender
Braden Durbin Ohio Premier NL Defender
Logan Moore FC Dallas Youth 00 Defender
Dominic  Flowers Lehigh Valley United 2000 Black Midfield
Tyler Smith McLean Hotspur Midfield
Owen Sullivan Ohio Premier NL Defender
Brennan Creek Kingdom SC 00 Red Midfield
Sean Touey LMSC Rats Forward
Kieran Baskett** Baltimore Celtic SC 00 Keeper
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