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Resources Jul 31, 2015

The Onion savagely eviscerates all of U.S. soccer with one image of Jurgen Klinsmann

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The Onion is known for carving ruthless, hilarious humor out of the daily insanity of modern American life.

So perhaps it’s thus a promising sign that the satirical publication has turned its withering eye to soccer more often lately.

But even the most irreverent, self-aware soccer fan will feel the burn from The Onion‘s latest stab at the beautiful game, a “Strongside/Weakside” infographic on U.S. Men’s National Team coach Jurgen Klinsmann that manages to subtly poke fun at Klinsmann and just about everyone else associated with the sport in the United States.

Ranging from “Not afraid to experiment with different styles of losing” to “commutes to U.S. soccer facility every day from home in Dusseldorf,” the faux breakdown scratches some of the domestic scene’s most tender itches.

And let’s face it: We all deserve the teasing, every single one of us, from Jurgen on down.

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