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College Recruiting Jan 28, 2017

NCAA Women’s Soccer Commitment Announcements: January 2017


The NCAA Soccer Commitment Tracker is presented by the Jefferson Cup, one of the nation’s top college showcase tournaments.

The following players have reported their NCAA women’s soccer commitments for the recruiting classes of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 during the month of January 2017.

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NCAA Women’s Soccer Commitment Tracker
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Class of 2017

Brenna Crow – Defender
Youth Club: Albion SC (CA)
Commitment: Saint Mary’s

Stephanie Westaway – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: Lake Norman SC (NC)
Commitment: Samford

Lindsay Buten – Defender
Youth Club: Kings Hammer Academy (OH)
Commitment: Ohio Dominican

Madiya Harriott – Defender
Youth Club: Sunrise Sting (FL)
Commitment: Vanderbilt

Madison McQueen – Midfielder
Youth Club: San Diego Surf (CA)
Commitment: North Carolina State

Katherine Martinez – Defender
Youth Club: West Coast FC (CA)
Commitment: New Mexico State

McKenna Lupori – Midfielder
Youth Club: Gwinnett Soccer Association (GA)
Commitment: Alabama State

Danielle Noriega – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: Sunnyvale Alliance SC (CA)
Commitment: Shaw

Shania Medeus – Midfielder
High School: Parkdale (MD)
Commitment: Shaw

Melina Burnside – Midfielder
Youth Club: Colorado Storm Castle Rock (CO)
Commitment: Shaw

Alana Navarrette – Midfielder
Youth Club: Murrieta Surf (CA)
Commitment: Shaw

Jacari Riggins – Midfielder
Youth Club: Miami Lakes United (FL)
Commitment: Shaw

Courtney Chan – Forward
Youth Club: De Anza Force (CA)
Commitment: UC Santa Barbara

Jessica Christmas – Midfielder
Youth Club: Team Chicago (IL)
Commitment: University of Illinois at Chicago

Meaghan Smith – Defender
Youth Club: St. Louis Scott Gallagher (IL)
Commitment: University of Illinois at Chicago

Zeinab Kante – Forward
Youth Club: Warriors Soccer (TX)
Commitment: Brown

Chloe Cavness – Forward
Youth Club: Georgetown Force (TX)
Commitment: Shaw

Kiera MacKenzie – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: Vacaville United (CA)
Commitment: Shaw

Nhi Truong – Forward
Youth Club: Chargers SC (FL)
Commitment: Alabama

Danielle Stephan – Midfielder
Youth Club: Michigan Hawks (MI)
Commitment: Michigan State

Audrey Viso – Midfielder
Youth Club: Baton Rouge SC (LA)
Commitment: Clemson

Devin Jaqua – Defender
Youth Club: Midwest United FC (IL)
Commitment: Michigan State

Chelsea Domond – Forward
Youth Club: Yankee United FC (CT)
Commitment: Northeastern

Emily Jones – Defender
Youth Club: HBC Elite (NY)
Commitment: Gardner Webb

Maggie Matthijs – Defender
Youth Club: Match Fit Academy (NJ)
Commitment: Vermont

Abby Alexa – Forward
Youth Club: Vienna Youth Soccer (VA)
Commitment: Davis & Elkins

Ashley Slaviero – Midfielder
Youth Club: Michigan Hawks (MI)
Commitment: IUPUI

Brianna Aldridge – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: Washington Premier (WA)
Commitment: Gonzaga

Gemma Perez – Midfielder
Youth Club: PDA (NJ)
Commitment: Manhattan

Chelsey Hunter – Forward
Youth Club: Richmond Hill SC (GA)
Commitment: Shaw

Jayme Jackson – Defender
Youth Club: FC Kansas City (KS)
Commitment: Missouri Western State

Class of 2018

Margaret Covey – Defender
Youth Club: Vienna Youth Soccer (VA)
Commitment: Army

Alexa Holl – Midfielder
Youth Club: FC Pride (IN)
Commitment: Dayton

Mia Palango – Defender
Youth Club: Stoney Creek Battallions (CND)
Commitment: South Florida

Kendall Augsburg – Midfielder
Youth Club: CASL (NC)
Commitment: UNC Wilmington

Ali Menard – Midfielder
Youth Club: FC Wisconsin Eclipse (WI)
Commitment: Davidson

Hannah Zaluski – Defender
Youth Club: Internationals SC (OH)
Commitment: George Washington

Kassie Newsom – Forward
Youth Club: Sporting Blue Valley (MO)
Commitment: Saint Louis

Colette Marciano – Midfielder
Youth Club: PDA (NJ)
Commitment: Columbia

Alexandra Martinez – Midfielder
Youth Club: Baltimore Celtic (MD)
Commitment: St. Francis – PA

Holly Morris – Defender
Youth Club: Nationals Union (MI)
Commitment: Western Michigan

Madison Burrier – Defender
Youth Club: Ohio Premier (OH)
Commitment: Marquette

Kat Gonzalez – Forward
Youth Club: Penn Fusion (PA)
Commitment: East Carolina

Taylor ReQua – Midfielder
Youth Club: WNY Flash Academy (NY)
Commitment: Duquesne

Katie Mahoney – Midfielder
Youth Club: Midwest United FC (MI)
Commitment: SIUE

Cincinnati Bearcats Logo

Annie Bruce – Defender
Youth Club: Nationals Union (MI)
Commitment: Cincinnati

Kevyn Banda – Midfielder
Youth Club: Slammers FC (CA)
Commitment: Citadel

Claudia Schilling – Midfielder
Youth Club: Nationals Union (MI)
Commitment: Western Michigan

Emma Tanner – Defender
Youth Club: FC Stars of Mass (MA)
Commitment: Marist

Brianna Floyd – Forward
Youth Club: Patriot FC (NJ)
Commitment: Manhattan

Francesca Frericks – Forward
Youth Club: Sockers FC (IL)
Commitment: Creighton

Andrea Tyrrell – Forward
Youth Club: Woodbridge Strikers (CND)
Commitment: North Dakota State

Mia Scalamandre – Defender
Youth Club: FC Bucks (PA)
Commitment: Columbia

Niah Johnson – Midfielder
Youth Club: Sting SC (TX)
Commitment: Mississippi State

Zoe Maxwell – Midfielder
Youth Club: World Class FC (NY)
Commitment: Brown

Charlotte DeVaughn – Defender
Youth Club: Minneapolis United (MN)
Commitment: Brown

Destinee Manzo – Midfielder
Youth Club: Slammers FC (CA)
Commitment: Portland

Elizabeth Mayfield – Defender
Youth Club: North Atlanta SA (GA)
Commitment: Auburn

Alijah Oliver – Defender
Youth Club: Slammers FC (CA)
Commitment: Tulsa

Taylor Robinson – Defender
Youth Club: FC Virginia (VA)
Commitment: Gardner Webb

Nicole Scudero – Midfielder
Youth Club: HBC Elite (NY)
Commitment: Binghamton

Jordan Burbank – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: Oklahoma FC (OK)
Commitment: Utah

Shannon Greenwood – Defender
Youth Club: West Florida Flames (FL)
Commitment: Western Carolina

Hailey DuBose – Defender
Youth Club: NEFC (MA)
Commitment: Connecticut

Jessica Peters – Forward
Youth Club: Lake Norman SC (NC)
Commitment: Appalachian State

Morgan Messner – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: Penn Fusion (PA)
Commitment: Boston University

Class of 2019

Madison Curry – Midfielder
Youth Club: Slammers FC (CA)
Commitment: Princeton

Serena Eboh – Defender
Youth Club: Solar Chelsea SC (TX)
Commitment: SMU

Jaimi Araujo – Forward
Youth Club: PDA (NJ)
Commitment: Duquesne

Rowan Lapi – Midfielder
Youth Club: Penn Fusion (PA)
Commitment: Northwestern

Sophia Jones – Midfielder
Youth Club: De Anza Force (CA)
Commitment: Duke

Chloe Laureano – Midfielder
Youth Club: Sunrise Sting (FL)
Commitment: Yale

Croix Bethune – Midfielder
Youth Club: Concorde Fire (GA)
Commitment: USC

Isabella D’Aquila – Forward
Youth Club: So Cal Blues (CA)
Commitment: Santa Clara

Ellery Winkler – Forward
Youth Club: FC Stars of Mass (MA)
Commitment: Yale

Lilian Lucas – Midfielder
Youth Club: Michigan Hawks (MI)
Commitment: Illinois

Grace Bernardi – Midfielder
Youth Club: SUSA FC (NY)
Commitment: St. John’s

Angela Aguero – Forward
Youth Club: World Class FC (NY)
Commitment: Penn State

Kati Druzina – Forward
Youth Club: Cleveland FC (OH)
Commitment: Notre Dame

Danielle Wolfe – Forward
Youth Club: Michigan Jaguars (MI)
Commitment: Michigan

Marissa Hart – Midfielder
Youth Club: Charlotte SA (NC)
Commitment: Princeton

Ashtyn Fink – Forward
Youth Club: Heat FC (NV)
Commitment: Vanderbilt

Kendra Gipson – Forward
Youth Club: Colorado Storm (CO)
Commitment: Colorado State

Gianna Villoresi – Forward
Youth Club: PDA (NJ)
Commitment: Syracuse

Tatum Sutherland – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: Solar Chelsea SC (TX)
Commitment: SMU

Lacey McCormack – Midfielder
Youth Club: Bethesda SC (MD)
Commitment: Virginia

Juliette Pike – Defender
Youth Club: PDA (NJ)
Commitment: Brown

Danika Austin – Defender
Youth Club: Midwest United FC (IL)
Commitment: Northwestern

Cassidy Pettinger – Forward
Youth Club: Midwest United FC (IL)
Commitment: Central Michigan

Taylor Radecki – Defender
Youth Club: Florida Elite (FL)
Commitment: Florida State

Madison Mercado – Midfielder
Youth Club: San Diego Surf (CA)
Commitment: Notre Dame

Keara Kerr – Forward
Youth Club: FC United (IL)
Commitment: Miami (Ohio)

Class of 2020

Kai Hayes – Midfielder
Youth Club: Jacksonville Armada FC (FL)
Commitment: North Carolina

MacKenzee Vance – Midfielder
Youth Club: Jacksonville Armada FC (FL)
Commitment: UCLA

Hailey McGregor – Forward
Youth Club: Bethesda SC (MD)
Commitment: Connecticut