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Resources Sep 06, 2012

From the stands to a starring role with Scotland

By Jimmy LaRoue

We’ve all had this dream right?

We’re sitting in the stands watching a match when suddenly the team’s coach points to you, asks you to suit up just as you’re about to down a beverage, then not only do you make the bench, you get onto the field and manage a key goal.

Well, this happened to 20-year old Sarah Crilly of Scotland.

The uniform didn’t fit. The cleats were too big.

It didn’t matter.

After injuries depleted the Scottish squad, Crilly got into the game against Norway with the home side trailing 2-1 until Crilly scored with five minutes left in the match.

She told The Scottish Sun: “I was there for a day out with my pals. Next thing I know I’m stepping on the park. It was crazy. I couldn’t believe it when I scored. It was incredible.”

Incredible, indeed.


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