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Ava Kiss

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Ava Kiss is a rising star in the youth soccer circuit, playing for Oakwood Soccer Club in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Occupying the roles of center attacking midfielder and winger on both sides, Ava brings a unique blend of technical prowess and strategic insight to her team. Her exceptional skill set includes adept ball control, precise passing, and a natural ability to read the game, making her a formidable force on the pitch. Ava’s remarkable field vision allows her to orchestrate plays and find openings that others might miss, contributing significantly to her team’s offensive strategies.

Beyond her on-field contributions, Ava has served as the Team Representative for Oakwood Soccer Club 2010 Girls during the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 seasons, exemplifying leadership and dedication both on and off the field. Her influence extends to her school, where she led the Captain Nathan Hale School soccer team in Coventry, CT, to victory in the NEMSAC championship during the 2023 season. Ava’s leadership, her technical skills and game understanding, as well as her ability to keep her teammates positive through humor and uplifting on-field comments plays a crucial role in the successes they achieve together.

In addition to these teams, she is also a rostered member of the 2010 Connecticut Olympic Development squad. Her achievements and qualities mark her as not only a player to watch but also a potential leader in the sport’s future.

Instagram: @avalynnkiss

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Oct, 2010


Coventry, CT, United States

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