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Tournaments Jun 24, 2016

US Youth Soccer to broadcast more than 130 live games this summer

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FRISCO, Texas (Via US Youth Soccer) — US Youth Soccer has announced it is providing live coverage of this summer’s US Youth Soccer National Championship Series and US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup action — totaling more than 130 live online broadcasts throughout June and July.

Watch: US Youth Soccer NCS Live
Watch: US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup Live

More than 80 games will be broadcast live from the 2016 US Youth Soccer National Championships, which will be played July 26-31 in Frisco, Texas. This marks the third year of live coverage of the National Championships, the country’s oldest and most prestigious youth soccer tournament, after more than 280,000 viewers tuned in to the live online broadcasts in 2014 and 2015.

In addition to the US Youth Soccer National Championships, live coverage will be provided for the finals of each of the four the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships and the US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup. In all, more than 175 hours of live game coverage will be available this summer — an increase from the 150 hours broadcasted last year.

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“US Youth Soccer is all about the athletes. Creating the best possible stage to showcase and capture these moments from our massive summer events is extremely impactful, and we are happy to increase the number of games for 2016,” said Todd Roby, US Youth Soccer’s director of marketing and communications. “The response from our live broadcasts over the years has been amazing with players, families, college scouts and fans watching the future of our sport with complete live games from the Regional Championships, National Championships and National Presidents Cup, where these youth athletes are chasing their dreams.”

2016 US Youth Soccer Broadcast Schedule*

Event Date(s) Games
Region IV Championships (ID) June 26 U14-18 Finals
Region II Championships (IN) June 29 U15-19 Finals
Region III Championships (SC) June 30 U13-18 Finals
Region I Championships (WV) July 5 U15-18 Finals
National Presidents Cup (OK) July 17 U13-17 Finals
National Championships (TX) July 26-31 Group Play, Select Semifinals, U13-19 Finals

*Subject to change

All live games will be available at no cost and in high definition, with commentators calling the action to further showcase the athletes.

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