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USYS Jan 25, 2018

US Youth Soccer Girls ODP National Training Camp: East Region Rosters

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The US Youth Soccer Girls ODP National Training Camp is running from January 25-29 at Reach 11 Sports Complex in Phoenix, Arizona featuring players in the 2003 and 2004 age groups from all four regions.

See below for a look at the players representing the East Region.

2018 US Youth Soccer Girls ODP National Training Camp Roster

East Region 2004 Age Group

  • Sonoma Adams (ENY)
  • Sophie Castro (VA)
  • Olivia Charles (WV)
  • Isabella DaPra (PAW)
  • Olivia Graham (ENY)
  • Hannah Heaton (VA)
  • Samantha Kersey (MA)
  • Cienna Kim (MD)
  • Madison King-Thurber (VT)
  • Emily LaRochelle (MD)
  • Hailey Longwell (PAW)
  • Mallory Lucas (MA)
  • Hoi Ching Luk (MD)
  • Maya McDermott (EPA)
  • Ava Morales (MD)
  • Olivia Myers (EPA)
  • Maya Naimoli (EPA)
  • Alexandra Ofsie (ENY)
  • Oludemilade Olatilo (EPA)
  • Sophie Reale (MA)
  • Victoria Rideau-Winds (NJ)
  • Avery Rogers (MA)
  • Emely Rubio-Garcia (MD)
  • Jayda Shehadi (NJ)
  • Aaniyah Street (NJ)
  • Jessica Turner (ENY)
  • Nicole Wilson (NJ)
  • Hannah Wolfe (VA)

East Region 2003 Age Group

  • Kaylee Armenia (CT)
  • Michela Auguardo (NJ)
  • Alexis Billings (MA)
  • Avani Brandt (ENY)
  • Andriana Cabral (CT)
  • Sara Guckenberger (VA)
  • Leah Iglesias (ENY)
  • Alli Jacobson (MD)
  • Ashley Lamond (ENY)
  • Christina Layden (NJ)
  • Marykathleen McCurdy (NJ)
  • Myla McLeod (ENY)
  • Payton Patrick (MD)
  • Cecily Pokigo (MD)
  • Jayden Sharpless (PAW)
  • Paige Temple (EPA)
  • Helene Tyburczy (NJ)
  • Audrey Weir (VA)

Featured Players

Midfielder, Forward
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