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Coaching Nov 02, 2022

United Soccer Coaches 30 Under 30 Program selections announced for 2022-23

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – United Soccer Coaches announced the 2022-23 Class of the 30 Under 30 Program. The class features 30 individuals selected from a pool of over 250 applicants.

Launched in 2013, the 30 Under 30 Program is a year-long education and mentorship opportunity designed to support up-and-coming members of the coaching profession who are 30 years of age or younger.Click here to meet this year’s 30 Under 30 Class.

  • Alex Durbin (Iowa)
  • Alex Fairchild (Mass.)
  • Alexa Ream (Pa.)
  • Bruno Ramos (Ga.)
  • Chloe Kane (Mass.)
  • Chris Daniel (Ore.)
  • DJ McMoil (Iowa)
  • Deanna Hecht (Ill.)
  • Emanuely Costa (Mass.)
  • Emilee Tominovich (Calif.)
  • Jess Stauffer (Colo.)
  • Jordan Quinlan (S.D.)
  • Josel Mateo (N.J.)
  • Joe White (Mich.)
  • Kendyl Baird (N.C.)
  • Kevin Tello (Tenn.)
  • Lauren Azzaro (N.Y.)
  • Marti Corby (Mich.)
  • Maxwell Watson (Va.)
  • Michael von Ende-Becker (Texas)
  • Michelle Rick (Ohio)
  • Morgan Ruhl (Ill.)
  • Noah Rhodes (Pa.)
  • Riley Piechnick (Pa.)
  • Sammy Jo Prudhomme (Ill.)
  • Spencer Sandow (Mich.)
  • Sunny Gelnovatch (Ala.)
  • Tyler Weiss (Pa.)
  • Tyler Gabarra (Md.)
  • Zach Hanson (Ky.)

Each member of the 30 Under 30 class receives an educational scholarship which provides registrations for the United Soccer Coaches Convention and an Advanced Diploma course of the coach’s choosing.

Additionally, members of the 30 Under 30 Program are matched with peer coaches and two mentors to work on a year-long project that will be presented at the 2024 Convention in Anaheim, Calif.

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