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ECNL Mar 08, 2016

Rosters, schedule announced for ECNL PDP event in Santa Rosa, Calif.

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The rosters and schedule for the Elite Clubs National League Player Development Program (PDP) event to be held March 11-13, 2016 in Santa Rosa, California have been announced.

The PDP Northwest (Bay Area) event will be held at the Trione Fields in Santa Rosa, CA, with some of the best players from the following ECNL clubs in the Northwest: De Anza Fore, Mustang SC, MVLA, Pleasanton Rage, San Juan Soccer Club and Santa Rosa United.                                   



Team One

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
91 Kaylie Collins GK Mustang SC
1 Kristina O’Donnell D/M/F San Juan SC
2 Sarah Broacha D/F Mustang SC
3 Samantha Dukes D Pleasanton Rage
4 Kelsey Hill D San Juan SC
5 Samantha Zepponi D Santa Rosa United
6 Heather Huene M/F San Juan SC
7 Chloe Colbert M Santa Rosa United
8 Luca Deza M De Anza Force
9 Tera Ziemer M Santa Rosa United
10 Makenzie Farro F Mustang SC
11 Ariana Nino F Mustang SC
12 Ellen Smolarski F San Juan SC

Team Two

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
92 Claire Howard GK Santa Rosa United
13 Allie Coyne D/M MVLA
14 Mariah Brown D/F Pleasanton Rage
15 Kimaya Cole D San Juan SC
16 Jordan Girman D Santa Rosa United
17 Amaya Zabalza D De Anza Force
18 Sara Bermudez M De Anza Force
19 Giuliana Calia M MVLA
20 Marley Walke M Pleasanton Rage
21 Taylor Bray F Santa Rosa United
23 Erin Ospeck F Mustang SC
24 Rachel Speros F Mustang SC

Team Three

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
93 Natalie Hill GK MVLA
25 Marlee Nicolos GK San Juan SC
26 Raquel Krampert D/M/F MVLA
27 Taylor Noval D/M Pleasanton Rage
28 Kylie Kerr D Mustang SC
29 Brianna Van Giesen D Santa Rosa United
30 Kitana Gonzalez M/F Santa Rosa United
31 Sarah Mirr M/F Pleasanton Rage
32 Isabella Perez M/F Mustang SC
33 Emiko Groth M Mustang SC
34 Maddie King M San Juan SC
35 Julia Roberts M San Juan SC
36 Emily Tomz M MVLA
37 Lily Arbabaraghi F Mustang SC
38 Leslie Fregoso F San Juan SC
39 Lexi Romero F Pleasanton Rage

Team Four

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
94 Ariana Romero GK Santa Rosa United
95 Bella Turek GK Mustang SC
40 Paris Fox D/M MVLA
41 Amaya Tomlinson D/M De Anza Force
42 Anastasia Kravitz D/F De Anza Force
43 Kenzie Bray D Santa Rosa United
44 Sydney Shepherd D Mustang SC
45 Vanessa Mejia M/F Pleasanton Rage
46 Diana Morales M/F De Anza Force
47 Megan Hansen M San Juan SC
48 Bethany Parry M MVLA
48 Lucienne Tang M De Anza Force
50 Laura Carceroni F MVLA
51 Nikki Lee F De Anza Force
52 Mia Shenk F MVLA

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