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US Club Apr 09, 2018

Northeast Soccer League set to host US Club Soccer PDP event

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US Club Soccer PDP, hosted by Northeast Soccer League
April 14, 2018 | Forekicks II; Marlboro, Mass.
Targeting 2004-05 boys and girls

(Via US Club Soccer) – After joining US Club Soccer before the start of the fall 2017 season, the Northeast Soccer League is gearing up to host its first Player Development Program (PDP) event on Saturday, April 14.

The program, to be held at Forekicks II Sports Complex in Marlboro, Mass., will target 2004-05 boys and girls.

Northeast Soccer League will also host a second PDP, targeting the same age groups, May 12 at Forekicks in Marlboro.

US Club Soccer’s most recent PDP, hosted by New England Premiership, was also held at Forekicks II, this past Saturday, April 7.

PDPs are focused around the National Premier Leagues (NPL) and other top leagues in specific geographic areas. PDP invitations are based on objective scouting of elite clubs and leagues, combined with recommendations from top Directors of Coaching.