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The Girls Academy May 03, 2022

Girls Academy unveils rosters for 2022 Mid-Atlantic Talent ID Showcase

Rosters have been announced for the Girls Academy’s Mid-Atlantic Talent ID Event, which will be held May 6 featuring players in the 2005-2008 age groups.

The Mid-Atlantic Talent ID event, hosted by Sporting Delaware, will feature some of the top talent the conference has to offer, representing the states of Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the host state of Delaware.

Players will represent the following GA member clubs: Ukrainian Nationals SC, TSJ FC Virginia, SJEB FC, Metro United, Cedar Stars Academy Monmouth, Baltimore Armour, Sporting Delaware, Skyline Elite SC, Baltimore Celtic and PA Classics.

The GA’s mission at Talent ID events is to expose invited players to opportunities where they can succeed at the highest level thanks to classroom sessions, on-field training exercises, and full-game experiential learning. Top players from each conference’s Talent ID event will be invited to participate in National ID crossover matches at National and Regional GA events.

See below for a look at the full rosters across each age group. For more information on the rosters, Click Here.

Featured Players

Forward, Midfielder
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