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ECNL Apr 20, 2018

ENPL names Boys ECNL Mid-Atlantic Conference as qualifying competition

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (Via US Club Soccer) – The Elite National Premier League (ENPL) has announced a qualifying Boys ECNL Conference for the 2018-19 season in the mid-Atlantic region.

Qualifying 14-U to 19-U boys teams from this Boys ECNL Mid-Atlantic Conference will advance to the ENPL Playoffs in summer 2019. These teams earn qualification to the ENPL Playoffs based on their performances throughout the regular season. The Boys ECNL Mid-Atlantic Conference joins previously announced qualifiers – consisting of NPLs and Boys ECNL Conferences – throughout the country.

The Boys ECNL Mid-Atlantic Conference will include eight clubs from across the region who have distinguished themselves in a variety of different competitions in US Club Soccer and elsewhere over the past years: BRYC Elite Academy (VA), Carolina Rapids (NC), Carolina Elite Soccer Academy (SC), McLean YSA (VA), North Carolina Fusion (NC), North Carolina FC Youth (NC), South Carolina United (SC) and Wilmington Hammerheads (NC).

Here is a region-by-region breakdown in alphabetical order of conference names:

The ENPL is a collaboration between US Club Soccer and the ECNL to raise standards in youth boys soccer across the country.  By providing qualification paths for both team-based and club-based competitions, the ENPL features the best boys players in US Club Soccer. The regular season competition within each NPL and Boys ECNL Conference are unique and independently structured, but all teams will be focusing on the same postseason destination: the ENPL Playoffs.

The 2017-18 season is the ENPL’s inaugural campaign with postseason play this summer.

For 14-U through 17-U age groups, there is a two-stage playoff beginning with the ENPL Eastern & Western Playoffs, June 29-July 3 in Massachusetts and California, respectively. Winners from those events advance to the ENPL National Championship, July 13-14 in Colorado.

For 19-U competitors, there is a single-stage playoff, June 29-July 3 in Massachusetts. Winners from this ENPL National Championship, as well as the championship event of younger age groups two weeks later in Colorado will be considered US Club Soccer’s 2018 boys national champions.