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ECNL Mar 18, 2015

ECNL PDP So Cal schedule and rosters announced

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RICHMOND, VA (Via ECNL) –The rosters and schedule for the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) Player Development Program event to be held in Aliso Viejo, CA on March 14-15, 2015, have been announced.  The event will be held at SOKA University, with some of the best players from the following ECNL clubs in Southern California: Arsenal FC, Eagles SC, Irvine Strikers, Real So Cal, San Diego Surf, Slammers FC, So Cal Blues, and West Coast FC.

The ECNL PDP in Aliso Viejo will include a training session and two 11 vs. 11 games over two days. Top players from each ECNL PDP, along with other players scouted in ECNL competition throughout the year, will be considered for invitations to the ECNL / id2 National Training Camp in August. Players are selected for the Player Development Programs based on their performance in ECNL competitions and by objective recommendations from ECNL Directors across the country. ECNL will be hosting eleven PDP events across the country over the next three months, providing an opportunity for top players in every ECNL club.

Team One

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
56 Brooke Littman GK Real So Cal
1 Sophia Serafin D West Coast FC
2 Sarah Trissel D San Diego Surf
3 Hannah Sharts D/M Real So Cal
4 Lake Duerksen M West Coast FC
5 Hannah Adler M Real So Cal
6 Sierra Castles M/F Arsenal FC
10 Machalea George M So Cal Blues
7 Sianna Siemonsma F Slammers
9 Josie Guinn F Arsenal FC
21 Marissa Everett F So Cal Blues
44 Danielle Satterwhite D So Cal Blues

Team Two

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
57 Hillary Beall GK So Cal Blues
58 Savannah Madden GK San Diego Surf
11 Erin Kawakami D West Coast FC
12 Kaila McCullough D Irvine Strikers
13 Maddie Gotta D San Diego Surf
14 Chloe Frisch M San Diego Surf
15 Jessica Miclat M Arsenal FC
16 Christina Settles M West Coast FC
47 Hailey Zerbel M Slammers
17 Darriell Franklin M/F Irvine Strikers
18 Penelope Hocking F So Cal Blues
20 Sydney Carr F Arsenal FC
42 Chandler McDaniel F West Coast FC

Team Three

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
59 Rachel Harris GK Slammers
22 Samantha Falasco D Slammers
23 Bailey Webster D Irvine Strikers
25 Devyn Kelsey D Slammers
29 Jorden Christensen D West Coast FC
26 Jackie Fiacco M/F Eagles SC
27 Arlie Jones M/F San Diego Surf
45 Izzy Bellinghausen M/F So Cal Blues
39 Siena Ereshena M Eagles SC
28 Alea Hyatt F Eagles SC
30 Taylor McMorrow F San Diego Surf
43 Hailey Hite F West Coast FC

Team Four

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
60 Zoe Clevely GK Irvine Strikers
61 Amanda Dennis GK Slammers
31 Lou Ishikawa D Eagles SC
32 Natalie Copenhaver D Arsenal FC
40 Hannah Cardenas D Slammers
36 Savannah Sloniger D West Coast FC
33 Vivianna Villacourt D/M Real So Cal
34 Makayla Soll M Arsenal FC
35 Remy Mathews M West Coast FC
46 Amanda Jones M Slammers
37 Courtney O’Brien F Real So Cal
38 Alexa Adams F Real So Cal
41 Kayla Cannon F West Coast FC

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