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Youth Girls Mar 28, 2023

DPL to launch new pathway, DPL OPEN, as proving ground in 2023-24 season

Published in partnership with the DPL

Los Angeles, CA – The Development Player League (DPL) has announced the launch of the DPL OPEN, a new integrated event format for teams to compete for a championship starting in the 2023-2024 season.

The DPL has grown significantly over the past 3 years and DPL President Barry Ritson stated that the league is seeing an unprecedented number of new applications for club membership. With the league being focused on continuing to improve the standards for its members, DPL OPEN will serve as an avenue for teams outside of the league’s member clubs to earn future opportunities within the DPL platform.

“The DPL has made some tough decisions this year on club renewals with the goal of increased competitive diversity and level,” said Ritson. “This process will continue with club reviews into the 2023/24 Season. This new platform gives more weight to our existing event status and gives us a more in depth understanding of whether the club is ready for full membership in the future.”

The DPL OPEN platform will allow clubs to continue with their current local league while competing inside DPL events that will lead to the best teams competing with current full DPL members for a championship, while providing a pathway to the DPL’s cup competition for its top teams, the DPL SUMMIT.

“This is launched fully in line with our mission of memorable and purposeful competition where nothing is given and everything is earned,” Ritson stated.

Furthermore, DPL OPEN players will be evaluated by the DPL PERFORM scouts for access to the Individual Player ID Program with the same opportunities as DPL players. Teams can also elect to enter into more DPL Events (where space is available) and clubs can elect to play regional bracket play with fellow DPL OPEN clubs, should they wish to supplement their current league game schedule. These DPLO Brackets will be managed by the DPL and results and standings will be used to seed the OPEN Brackets in the events.

The full details of the DPL OPEN (DPLO) are found here: and applications can be submitted via:

All club applications will be reviewed by the DPL Leadership and places offered based on quality of teams and readiness to meet all DPL Standards as well as creating diversity of competition for DPLO Teams. Current DPL members can apply for their affiliates or as an extension of their existing DPL program.