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Global Feb 09, 2018

Boehm: Notes from U.S. Soccer’s Board of Directors meeting

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ORLANDO, Fla. — The shadow of the U.S. Soccer presidential election hangs heavy over everything and everyone at the federation’s annual general meeting.

But there are plenty of other pressing matters in front of USSF and its member organizations, and many of them — plus a few bits of good news, too — were discussed at the board of directors meeting on Friday morning.

I was one of several journalists and other outside observers present at the open period of the meeting, which ran nearly four hours before the BoD segued into its “executive session,” a private phase in which legal and other sensitive matters were broached. It marks my first time to attend this meeting, as well as the USSF AGM in general.

Hoping to shed some light on this powerful but often-overlooked body, I took notes and tweeted out what I considered important or interesting elements of the meeting, which was incumbent president Sunil Gulati’s last in charge, as well as the final one for independent director Donna Shalala and immediate past president “Dr. Bob” Contiguglia.

For those who missed it or prefer to stay off of Twitter (I understand why!), here is my thread of tweets from the morning’s proceedings.