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Resources Sep 09, 2013

Craig Wilinger Fund honors Missouri teen with trip of his dreams to London

BALTIMORE, MD – The Craig Willinger Fund announced its 7th honoree and first trip to London. Nolan Weber, 18, of Jackson, Missouri will travel to the famed Stamford Bridge stadium to see Chelsea FC play Fulham on September 21.

Nolan was diagnosed with a malignant glioblastoma – a brain tumor – after suffering a seizure at school in April 2011. His treatment included surgery to remove the tumor as well as chemotherapy, radiation and physical therapy to improve the partial paralysis on his left side that resulted from the tumor and surgery. Nolan’s drive and persistence allowed him earn a spot on his high school soccer team that year, but in September of 2011, he discovered that his tumor had returned and was inoperable. Unable to play contact sports, Nolan discovered competitive table tennis and became a member of the 2013 US National Table Tennis Junior Para Olympic Team.

When asked what a trip like this would mean to him, Nolan shared “…it would re-iterate to me what I already know down deep. That people – perhaps complete strangers – do care what others are going through. How we can all united through the beautiful game of soccer. A trip like this would inspire me to fight my cancer with all that I am. To beat it, and to help others do the same!”

The Craig Willinger Fund, formed in 2009, seeks to improve the lives of children and young adults stricken with cancer by providing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to experience world-class soccer – both domestically and abroad.

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