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Resources Sep 14, 2012

Borislow buzz around future of women’s pro soccer picking up again

ESPN The Magazine recently published a long, well-reported story on Dan Borislow’s MagicJack/Washington Freedom saga, and it reveals even more new quotes and almost unbelievable stories about the maverick telecommunications magnate and the women’s pro soccer club that he operated so controversially last year.

The plot thickened even further when veteran soccer reporter Beau Dure discussed the story in a post on his SportsMyriad blog, prompting Borislow himself to chime in several times with extended feedback.

It is honestly very hard to keep track of all the different stories coming from Borislow’s 18-month love/hate affair with most of soccer’s decision makers in the USA. But also looks like if you have an opinion seeking feedback from the allegedly self-proclaimed “Daddy” of women’s soccer, now is the time to chime in yourself and see if he’ll answer.

[ +Read ESPN The Magazine’s startling MagicJack piece here ]

[ +Read a range of comments on Dure’s blog, including those of Borislow, here ]

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