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My 10-year-old is a star, now what? Advice on parenting, coaching elite young players

A lot of time and attention in the coaching world can be spent helping parents of young players who struggle to keep up technically or physically with the game compared to others, but what if your son or daughter is the elite player, the coach’s favorite, the one who plays all the games, never gets subbed, and is asked to play on every all star team around? You have just as much work ahead of you, sometimes even more.

Soccer Parenting Dec 24, 2013

The best thought provoking books of 2013 for soccer coaches and parents

Soccer Wire regular contributor John O'Sullivan reads a lot of books and has taken the time to review his three favorites of 2013. These three were the most thought provoking books he believes should be on the reading list of every coach and parent.

Soccer Parenting Dec 16, 2013

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