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Study: Youth athletic success poor indicator of adult athletic success

Success as a youth athlete does not necessarily mean that athlete is headed for success as an adult, a study delivered at the 2016 Youth Athlete Development Conference revealed.

Advice Jan 23, 2017
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Boehm: Youth soccer players should study the TV this summer

Euros, Copa America, even MLS and NWSL: Every soccer-playing child in North America should have their eyes glued to the smorgasboard of top-level soccer flickering across our entertainment devices this summer, says Charles Boehm.

Advice Jun 17, 2016
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Dure: Simple advice for dealing with youth soccer tryout season

Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend: Tryouts stink, says Beau Dure. Reducing children to numbers and putting them in artificial playing environments is not a fun thing to do. But there are some useful things the adults in this situation can keep in mind.

Advice May 20, 2016

Dure: Rained out? Use TV and YouTube to teach the game

When spring rains soak our youth soccer playing fields, we give thanks for artificial turf. Where turf isn’t available, we’re running out of ideas. How many toe taps can a kid do in the basement? But there’s one thing youth players can do to keep learning the game. It’s a crazy idea, but it works for some people: Watch a soccer game, writes Beau Dure.

Advice May 13, 2016

Guest columnist: Kris Ward on abusive youth coaches and how to steer your kid clear of them

Guest columnist Kris Ward shares an ugly tale of abuse and vitriol experienced on the sidelines of a recent youth match, and ponders how players and parents can keep clear of foul-mouthed, manipulative coaches.

Advice Feb 26, 2016

Five myths surrounding National Letter of Intent ‘Signing Day’

Best selling author Dan Blank weighs in to try and straighten out some of the biggest myths surrounding the biggest celebration day in the college soccer recruiting process - AKA "Signing Day". While there's nothing wrong with celebrations and Facebook photos, for those who really sharpen their attention to details may be surprised at some of these - including some head coaches of college programs themselves!

Advice Feb 02, 2016
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Dure: NSCAA Convention a great time for much needed national youth soccer discussion's Beau Dure outlines some of the forums he'll be attending on youth soccer issues today, saying it’s about time we youth soccer coaches, administrators, journalists and so forth gathered for the NSCAA Convention. We need to talk.

Advice Jan 12, 2016

LeBolt: Taking the fear out of post-concussion syndrome

With concussions and other head injury issues dominating soccer headlines, Dr. Wendy LeBolt sought out someone with a lot of experience evaluating and working with kids and their brains: Dr. Elizabeth Delasobera, Director of Sports Medicine for Medstar Emergency Physicians, an assistant professor at Georgetown University Hospital who also sees patients in her clinic in McLean, Virginia. Their conversation offers useful and important information for parents.

Advice Nov 13, 2015