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Alexa Campos

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Team: Eastside FC ECNL G07

My name is Alexa Campos, class of 2025. I am a student athlete with a 4.0 GPA. I have a strong desire to continue playing soccer at the collegiate level. My goal is to positively represent a school and a team where I can contribute to its success and strengthen my skills on and off the field a program that shares my academic and athletic principles and values. I play for Eastside FC ECNL G07 and Chiawana High School Girls Varsity Soccer as a Team Captain. I play wing, outside back, center attacking midfield and forward. I am 2023 MCC Champion, 2023/2022 MCC All-Conference Honoree, 2021 Surf Cup Super-Black Champion and West Region US Youth Soccer ODP Camp attendee.

In addition to personal trainings, I commute 3 ½ hours to and from club soccer practices and home games. This commitment has helped me develop and grow into a stronger athlete and a more disciplined student. Throughout my soccer journey, I have built a strong work ethic, collaborative mindset, and a fierce commitment to consistency. Training and competing at the highest levels are what I love to do. I am a versatile player and take pride in bringing leadership and intensity to every practice and game. I work hard at being dynamic and making an impact on both sides of the field. Like all players, I love scoring goals, but also appreciate the feeling I get when delivering a great assist or when executing a defensive tackle or save.

My passion is on the soccer field however I have always been a dual athlete. In addition to soccer, I played basketball for Northwest Heat AAU Basketball Club for 10 years and for Chiawana HS Girls Varsity freshman and sophomore year. Outside of competing, I love helping young athletes grow their soccer and basketball skills and often work with local sports clubs and community youth teams helping to organize and run drills at their practices and camps.

Based on feedback from coaches, trainers, and teammates, I am recognized for my leadership, technical skills, agility, and game IQ.

Alexa Campos

Testimonial 1/5

My name is Derek Robson, I am USSF A Licensed Coach. I formerly Head coached the USSDA BU12 and ECNL G07/B06 teams for multiple seasons at Eastside FC. During this time, I coached Alexa Campos at U15 and U16. Alexa can play various positions including outside back either side and central midfield. She predominantly played as an attacking left sided outside back during the two seasons, I coached her. She possesses great pace, stamina, and balance. She is mentally aggressive on the field, showing great determination and work rate. Alexa loves to attack opponents 1v1 on the wings and serves various crosses into the box. As a defender, she reads the game well staying compact and anticipating passes out wide to intercept. She is strong in the tackle and competes well in the air.

Her strongest asset is her soccer IQ, she has great awareness and vision that allows her to adapt her game to several other positions. Her speed of play is excellent, this makes her very effective playing central midfield. She gets into great positions for the team to build out and play through her setting up attacks. She looks to play forward and break lines passing or driving forward with ball. Alexa has improved on making more forward runs into the box, becoming more of a box-to-box midfielder when she plays central midfield. Her work rate is exceptional, which allows her to get across all channels, breaking up the opponents’ attacks. She does a fantastic job of organizing/ executing the forward line’s press. On a personal note, Alexa is a wise young woman with a tremendous character. I have had several long conversations with Alexa on and off the field on a variety of topics. She stands for everything you would want in a team
she is an absolute pleasure to coach who is destined for great things in life, she will be an asset to your program.

Derek Robson

Testimonial 2/5

Alexa is a great person and an honest player. She is someone you want in your group to make it better on and off the field. She always gives her best effort and is a person that others just want to be around. She is coachable and willing to take on whatever role is required, in the best interest of the team. She has played in the back, central and wide in the midfield as well as up top. And she has always done well. Alexa is a solid athlete – quick and with good pace. She is not big, but she is durable and dependable. She is quite good at duels on the ground and in the air. She can handle the grind that is college soccer.
As a former college coach, I have put this testimonial in the order that I believe will be of the most benefit. Firstly, she will enhance your group. Secondly, she can handle the grind. With that done, she has earned the right to do the last part for you – play soccer. Alexa has a solid technical base – very good passing and receiving skills and is good with her head at both ends of the field. She can make decisions on the field and adjust tactics as requested – over multiple positions. And you can count on her to do this from the first whistle to the last! Alexa is key to what we do. I am happy to have her in our group and will recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their team by adding a quality teammate and an impactful player.

Fred Thompson, HC Eastside FC G07 ECNL
Formerly Head Coach
Southern Utah University
West Point – USMA
Bowling Green State University
University of Evansville
Bellevue College

Testimonial 3/5

I have had the privilege of coaching Alexa Campos for three years now and I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve spent with her. She in an extremely talented player, and more importantly, an incredible person. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Alexa is work ethic. From the first day I met her as an incoming freshman, I was blown away by the focus, precision, and intensity that she trained with.

Alexa is a technically skilled player who works hard at her craft, and she is extremely comfortable with a ball at her feet. I only see Alexa getting better and better in terms of her technical ability because I know that time, she spends working on it outside of team trainings. Alexa has also grown as a leader in the last three years. This year I named her a captain of our Varsity team. The youngest of the three I selected, she leads by example and as a vocal leader as well. She demands excellence from herself and motivates those around her to be better.

Alexa has a high ceiling as a player, and I believe her work ethic and determination will take her far on her journey in this sport. Outside of technical ball work, I have also seen the amount of time that she has been investing into becoming a better physical presence on the field. This offseason she has really spent time working on her athleticism. From speed and acceleration work to strengthening her physique as well. She is a well-rounded athlete who is only going to grow and continue to develop physically with this level of work rate. Finally, I believe that Alexa’s mentality is what will carry her through the ups and downs of life and sport. Alexa is persistent, self-motivated, and extremely hard working. I am proud of everything she has accomplished up to this point, and I know this is only the beginning. I look forward to watching her progress as a player and I believe this upcoming season will be a big one for her.

Sam Nuñez, Head Coach Chiawana Girls Varsity Soccer

Testimonial 4/5

Alexa is as coachable as they come. She has the ability to lift the intensity of any practice or training session to another level by consistently giving game-like reputations and holding herself accountable to even the smallest of details. A true leader by example but isn’t afraid to speak up! She’s always been a very instinctive and savvy player on the court. Her ability to always be in the right place at the right time allows her to play very aggressive but yet not have any wasted energy. She is fast, but more so quick and can make reads before they happen, allowing her to have an edge over her opponents. Her body control and footwork are unmatched and add so much to the athlete she already is. She’s both a practice player and a game time player, she adds nothing but positive energy to both. Alexa fits the mold of a “coaches dream” player to coach. It’s easy, it’s fun and you know what you are going to get when coaching her, 110%!

James Fiander, Director, Head Coach and Trainer Northwest Heat AAU Basketball Club

Testimonial 5/5

Alexa Campos…
As a player: Very skilled, great touch with the ball. She plays fast with not much wasted movements for thinking.
As a leader: GREAT LEADER! Vocally and physically… to me this is her best attribute. She leads in the weight room and practices
it shows during games.
As a Teammate: Very positive and direct. She never gets teammates down, only uplifting. Always willing to help.
Overall Athlete: From what I’ve seen, she could possibly be the best female athlete in her school. Her ceiling is high.

Harry Peoples, Personal Trainer Haze Power Athletes

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Pasco, WA, United States

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