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Global Mar 14, 2012

Who are the adults here: Crowd goes nuts at indoor youth game in Poland

By Charles Boehm

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible type of parental misbehavior at youth soccer games, along comes this video clip from Poland, where an Under-8 game in a gymnasium was cut short by insane fans singing, throwing streamers and lighting flares.

Showing the type of intensity that would surely prompt a professional team to cordon them off from the rest of the stadium with a large squad of riot police, these “supporters” may have given the kids one of the most memorable moments of their entire soccer careers – or perhaps just ended those careers prematurely amid months of nightmares. Everyone in the building should feel very lucky that none of those flares came into contact with all that paper and set the place ablaze.

All the same, it’s also a worthwhile reminder to every soccer parent: when you attend your child’s sporting event, it’s not supposed to be about you.

(via A Football Report )

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