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Boys Sep 21, 2012

Virginia State Cup: Boys action in focus

By Jimmy LaRoue

The boys’ brackets of the Virginia State Cup take focus this weekend as most of the girls’ brackets take the weekend off, with the exception of the Under-17s.

U-15 boys: 1. FC Richmond Magic 97, 2. Arlington Impact Red, 3. Chantilly Strikers, 4. Barca FC 97 Elite, 5. Loudoun 97B Red, 6. LMVS Patriots 97 Red, 7. Virginia Rush Nike, 8. McLean MPS Legend Green

In the U-15 boys’ bracket, all the seeded teams are in action, as top seed FC Richmond Magic 97 hosts Roanoke Star U-15 Boys Elite (Sat. 2 p.m., Huguenot Park #3), while No. 2 Arlington Impact Red plays a familiar foe in Arlington Impact White (Sat. 10 a.m., Greenbriar Park Yorktown HS Stadium Turf).

No. 3 Chantilly Strikers hosts Sterling Power Orange 97 (Sat. 2 p.m., Oakton HS #1), No. 4 Barca FC 97 Elite hosts CUSC Rage (Sat. 2 p.m., Bull Run #3), and, with no travel restrictions on the major crossings into south Hampton Roads, No. 6 Loudoun 97B Red plays CUSC Fury at Ida Lee #2 (Sat., 1 p.m.), No. 7 Virginia Rush Nike hosts Richmond Strikers Elite (Sat. 11 a.m., Hampton Roads Soccer Complex #14) and No. 8 McLean MPS Legend Green hosts Richmond Kickers Elite at Patriot Park–Fairfax (Sat., 6 p.m.).

U-16 boys: 1. Beach FC 96B Red, 2. Herndon Boca Juniors, 3. Arlington Strikers Red, 4. BRYC Elite 96, 5. Virginia Rush U16 Nike, 6. Team America FC 96, 7. NVSC Jr. Royals 96, 8. FC Richmond Magic 96

Top seed Beach FC 96B Red plays Richmond Kickers Elite (Sat. 11 a.m., Hampton Roads Soccer Complex #8 Turf), while No. 2 Herndon Boca Juniors takes on Richmond Strikers Elite (Sat. 2 p.m., Herndon HS Stadium-turf).

No. 3 Arlington Strikers Red hosts PWSI Courage 96 Red (Sat. 12 p.m., Greenbriar Park Yorktown HS Stadium Turf), while No. 4 BRYC Elite 96 hosts one of its own clubs, taking on BRYC 96 Elite Blue (Sat. 11 a.m., Robinson HS Upper Turf), No. 5 Virginia Rush U16 Nike hosts Herndon United (Sat. 1 p.m., Hampton Roads Soccer Complex #14) and No. 6 Team America FC 96 hosts Chesterfield United 96B ASL Academy (Sat. 12 p.m., Bull Run #3). No. 7 NVSC Jr. Royals 96 plays host to ABGC United Spartans (Sat. 12 p.m., Hellwig Memorial Park #3) and No. 8 FC Richmond Magic 96 takes on Augusta FC 96BR (Sat. 12 p.m., Huguenot Park #2).

U-17 boys: 1. Loudoun 95B Red, 2. ABGC Hawks, 3. Beach FC 95B Red, 4. Arlington Suprema Inferno, 5. FC Richmond Magic 95, 6. Churchland SL United Junkyard Dawgs Elite, 7. BAC Real Blue, 8. FASA Elite

All of the top eight seeds are in action this weekend, with top seed Loudoun 95B Red hosting Augusta FC 95BR at Ida Lee #2 (Sat. 11 a.m.) and ABGC Hawks hosting Roanoke Star U-17 Boys Elite (Sat., 2 p.m., Pine Ridge Park #4 Turf).

U-17 girls: 1. BRYC 95 Elite, 2. McLean MPS Green Fury 95, 3. PWSI Courage 95 Gold, 4. Richmond Kickers Elite, 5. Beach FC 95G Red, 6. Loudoun 95G Red, 7. SYA FCV Heat (formerly known as VSA Heat), 8. Arlington Flame

This bracket begins play this weekend, though most of the top seeds, including BRYC 95 Elite, will be off this weekend.

U-18 boys: 1. PWSI Courage 94 Red, 2. Reston FC 94, 3. ABGC United Force, 4. ABGC Knights FC, 5. BRYC 94 Elite, 6. Virginia Legacy SC Wizards, 7. Beach FC U18 Red, 8. SOCA Lightning

All the top seeds in this bracket will also be in action this Saturday.

Note: There are no scheduled road closures in the Hampton Roads area following the controversial decision last weekend to shut down two of the three main water crossings into south Hampton Roads that prompted State Cup games in the area to be moved to Williamsburg. Games scheduled for the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex will go on as scheduled this weekend.

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