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Tournaments Jul 25, 2013

USASA – Champions declared at National Cup Finals

The United States Adult Soccer Association concluded its National Cup Finals with winners declared for the 2013 Men’s US Open, Amateur, Over-30 & Under-23 Cups. The competition took part at the STAR Complex in San Antonio, Texas over the weekend of 19 July. More than 200 teams from among member state associations of the four USASA regions around the country qualified through state and regional rounds to reach the final.

In the US Over-30 Cup, Christos FC of Maryland (Region I) successfully kept hold of the Gerhard Mengel Cup. It started with a 4:2 semifinal win over FC Corona of Kansas (Region II) despite falling behind on an early goal. The other semifinal saw
Region IV entry Nomads FC (California South) easily defeat Kickers FC O-30 (Florida/Region IV) 4:1. Christos started the title match in the same fashion, giving up an early goal to the Nomads but finished once again with a 4:2 victory to become the fifth side to repeat in the Over-30 championship.

RWB Adria of Illinois (Region II) showed their nine lives over the weekend in its attempt to take home the cup double in the US Open & Amateur Cups. In the Amateur semifinal against NY Greek American Atlas (Eastern New York/Region I), Adria took a first half lead to only give it up in the final minutes. A 2:1 edge in extra time put them into the final to meet ASC New Stars of Texas South (Region III), who advanced in penalty rounds after drawing 2:2 against Lazio FC (California North/Region IV). The final played on Saturday night saw the Stars take the lead 1:0, which they held to the final minutes. A penalty call in favor of the Chicago side put the match into extra time. It appeared to go to penalty rounds but another last minute penalty call gave Adria the Amateur title.

Adria looked to repeat their fortune in the US Open Cup. If successful, Adria would become the fifth side in US Soccer history to accomplish this unique double. The semifinal against New Jersey’s Icon FC (Region I) was settled in regular time, 5:2. In the other semifinal, Rayados (North Texas/Region III) battled PSA Elite of California South (Region IV) 2:2. The club from Houston went through on penalty rounds. The final was a back and forth affair ending in a 2:2 tie. In the first extra time period, Rayados spoiled Adria’s attempt at the double and were able to hold on 3:2 to take the US Open Cup.

The US Under-23 Cup final featured the last two champions, 2012 cup holder Real Caribe (Eastern New York/Region I) and the 2011 champion Railhawks of North Carolina (Region III). The team from Long Island fell behind on an early goal against Region II entry GLSA Illinois but were able to go through to the final with a 4:2 victory. The Railhawks defeated South Sound FC (Washington/Region IV) 3:1 in the other semifinal. In the final, the Railhawks scored early and kept Caribe at bay to take back the title with a 4:1 win.

US Open Cup

The US Open Cup was first played in the 1913-1914 season when it was called the National Challenge Cup. The winners were awarded the Dewar Cup, donated by Sir Thomas Dewar in 1912 for the promotion of soccer in America. In 1999, USASA established the Werner Fricker US Open Cup to recognize the champion among its own participants.

RWB Adria (IL/Region II) 5:2 Icon FC (NJ/Region I)
Rayados (NTX/Region III) 2:2 PSA Elite (CAS/Region IV)
[Rayados advance by penalty kicks]


Rayados (NTX/Region III) 3:2 RWB Adria (IL/Region II)
[Match decided in extra time]

US Amateur Cup

The US Amateur Cup was established in 1923 as the National Amateur Cup in response to the overwhelming number of teams playing in the National Challenge Cup. Originally a competition held by USSF, it is now a USASA event. Teams entered in the US Amateur Cup may not use players registered as professionals.

RWB Adria (IL/Region II) 2:1 NY Greek American Atlas (ENY/Region I)
[Match decided in extra time]
ASC New Stars (TXS/Region III) 2:2 Lazio FC (CAN/Region IV)
[ASC New Stars advance by penalty kicks]

RWB Adria (IL/Region II) 2:1 ASC New Stars (TXS/Region III)
[Match decided in extra time]

US Over-30 Cup

The US Over-30 Cup was first played in 1984. The winner of this competition is awarded the Gerhard Mengel Cup. This is an open competition, which means that both amateur and professional registered players may participate.

Christos FC (MD/Region I) 4:2 FC Corona (KS/Region II)
Nomads FC (CAS/Region IV) 4:1 Kickers FC O-30 (FL/Region III)

Christos FC (MD/Region I) 4:2 Nomads FC (CAS/Region IV)

US Under-23 Cup

The US Under-23 Cup was first established in 1997. This is an open competition, which means that both amateur and professional registered players may participate.

Real Caribe Soccer Club (ENY/Region I) 4:2 GLSA Illinois (IL/Region II)
Railhawks (NC/Region III) 3:1 South Sound FC (WA/Region IV)

Railhawks (NC/Region III) 4:1 Real Caribe Soccer Club (ENY/Region I)

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